Like Stale Gum

1 Sep

Yesterday chewed me up and spit me out. A lot of things happened yesterday – some of them good, some of them not so good. It started with getting the kids ready for school. Toad has never been the easiest kid to get ready for school. He’d rather sit on the couch and watch TV like a slug while SLOOOWWWLLLYLYY pulling his pants on. He’s the type of kid who will grow into a man who likes to leave his stuff laying around the house. I, of course, have NO IDEA where he gets it from.

(That sound of hysterical laughing you hear? The one that sounds like Scott? Completely ignore that sound. Ktxbai).

So I was worried about what it would be like to get them both ready, especially since Babygirl has this “Mom – can I wear a dress?” thing going on EVERY DAY, and, wouldn’t you know it, we don’t have that many dresses! Why not? Maybe because I like to mess with her world, or maybe it’s because it’s a pain in the butt to have her wear a dress when she rolls around and shows everyone the Strawberry Shortcake on her butt.

Anyway, Babygirl got ready pretty quickly both yesterday and today (although we had the dress argument again this morning, but I won) but Toad? Started being a slug again. Yesterday he did really great – except, of course, that we forgot his glasses. Yeah, I know, we get the damned things so that he can stop having headaches and the first day of school? When his eyes really need them? We forget them. Hey, give me a little credit – I drove home, got them, and then drove back to give them to him.

Anyway, getting both kiddos up, eating breakfast, dressed, clean/ect? Definitely a different morning routine than I’m used to. I’m sure I’ll be all adjusted by the end of the week though. Oh – wait – that’s when the kids get three days off to fuck with my routine again. DAMN!

As for the bad? A friendship ostensibly ended. One of my oldest friends has made it obvious how she feels about me. She has basically said that I’m a selfish, overly-dramatic, immature person. After a few long talks with others, who are not involved in the situation, I realized that I didn’t need that. I didn’t need to be treated like I was a horrible person. I didn’t need to have a friend who made me question what type of a person I am. I know who I am, my husband knows who I am, and my kids know who I am. As long as my husband and kids accept me, why would I give a shit what anyone else thinks? Life is too damned short to go around trying to make everyone accept you.

I am sad to lose that friendship because she was a good person (except for the whole “you have a self-righteous tone” and “you’ve never really known me” thing). But apparently our values were different. I could not stand by and be shat on the way that she and her significant other shat on me, and I would never expect one of my friends to stand by being told horrible things about themselves that weren’t true. I would defend them – because THAT is what a true friend does.

If Scott were to act like an ass towards one of my friends (something he has never done), I would be extremely pissed off at him. I realize that he has a right to believe what he wants to believe, but there is a way to go about telling someone that you disagree with them that doesn’t include sticking your head in your ass.

For the record: a number of hurtful and cruel things were said about me, including the fact that I was “not as intelligent” as my friend’s significant other – I’ve never claimed to be more intelligent than anyone, and one vital thing that I’ve learned growing up is that there’s ALWAYS someone out there who is better than you at the thing that you believe you’re best at. I don’t believe that he realizes that yet.

There were a number of very hurtful and cruel things that I wanted to say to the couple – things that would make my grandmother ashamed of me. So I bit my tongue. I’m still biting it. The only person who has heard any part of my tirade is Scott. The only person who has realized how much this has hurt me and broken my heart is Scott. I have been sick to my stomach for days over this.

Her significant other, however, is probably crowing right about now. He wants her to be friends only with the people that he accepts, controlling that aspect of her life – and yes, he has definitely intimated that to me.

Well, he’s won. He’s very good at being cruel and hurtful – something that I have heard from many sources – and that’s just not something I’m good at.

And I never want to be.

Starting now? These types of blogs are over. I won’t talk about the decline in that relationship anymore. Starting now I’ll just bitch about how frustrating it is to try to get my kiddos off to school.

And how much I miss them when they’re gone.


4 Responses to “Like Stale Gum”

  1. Tracey September 1, 2009 at 3:19 pm #

    My daughter is alllll about dresses too! But she will wear spandex short leggin’s under them so she can play and now show her undies!
    FYI I have a bunch I could send her 😉

  2. Jenera September 1, 2009 at 6:12 pm #

    I say good riddance!

    And I don’t look forward to school days. With Aidan in preschool only 2 hours a day, it’s rough getting out of the house. I can’t imagine when he goes all day. Or when Sam does. Oh lord, I’m going to have a panic attack just thinking about it!

  3. chuck September 1, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    God bless and have a wonderful life. Your reactions and behaviors are what drove K from you. I wish your family well, and admit I am glad to be rid of you, but not for the reasons you list. There is only so much mistreatment someone can stand by and watch their spouse take. I agree with your statement, you would do well to move on in topics. Your post have grown monotonous as of late. Have fun.

  4. sherry September 2, 2009 at 11:09 pm #

    Not even worth your time.

    As for the morning routine, Hayley is so hard to get moving on school days because she has to be up at 6:30 am. Trying to get her to eat takes forever. I love when the breakfast club starts up a couple of months in because then I still get her up at 6:30 but she just brushes her teeth, gets dressed, and goes to school to eat there.

    I just find it easier because she’s not hungry when she first gets up, but by the time she gets to school she’s ready to eat. Makes life much gentler first thing in the morning!

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