Some Days Just Fall Together

6 Sep

Yesterday I got up, did a bunch of stuff around the house, took a shower, and pounced on Scott. He was still in bed. And dry. But not for long. It was 8:30 and I told him to get his lazy butt out of bed so that he could drive us around to yard sales. It took a lot of poking, a little prodding, and a few dirty promises, but he got up and we all got ready to go. It’s not like I couldn’t drive myself – but he loves going garage saling as much as I do.

Anyway, we found a few good deals – some used clothes for Babygirl and a couple of board games for us all to play, including Sorry! and Connect 4. Turns out? My husband is the king of Connect 4. I managed to beat him twice last night and felt like shouting it to the world. Yeah, he’s that good.

This morning I got up, ambled into the living room, sat down next to Scott and told him that I was ready to hit some more yard sales today. He got a funny look on his face – one of those “woman, are you daft?” types of looks. I reminded him that I’d followed through with my promises yesterday and that I might be willing to give a repeat performance tonight. So we got dressed and off we went!

We hit a different area than yesterday, but unfortunately we didn’t find many yard sales. Maybe they were all at church. We were by one of Scott’s old co-workers homes, so we stopped there to say hello and for Scott to let him know that he hasn’t been forgotten. And we were also near the home of a few mutual friends of ours who were building a new garage, so we decided to drop by to see their masterpiece (it truly is a sight to behold – and it’s just a hole with some concrete! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when the walls are up!)

They were extremely gracious, even though we’d dragged them away from a Sunday of cleaning and studying for the hunters safety course, and the talk of rifles and pistols came up. I informed them that I’d never shot a pistol before. I love target shooting with a rifle, but I’d only ever just held a handgun. Scott had one a long time ago that he used to stash under the mattress – I wanted him to move it when we had Toad and instead he decided to sell it.

Anyway, they got out a selection of firearms, including a revolver (that thing was FUN – I am now convinced I like revolvers a lot better than semi-automatics), a really heavy semi-automatic that had WAY more power than the revolver and that definitely made you feel powerful, some small kid-sized rifles and some adult rifles (this is proof that I’m short – the kid-sized rifles worked better than the adult sized rifles for me!), and tons of ammo. We spent a good amount of time destroying shooting the targets before their oldest son showed off his little motorcycle.

He’s got a small motorcycle – I don’t know how to explain it. Scott says that it’s 50cc’s. It’s small enough for a kid or small adult (he says that I looked like the right size for it), but it’s powerful enough for even a larger adult to use. Their kids rode it around for a bit, and then the dad, before Scott decided to give it a try. He lasted about 3 minutes before dropping it! Good thing it was grass.

And then it was my turn. WHAT?!

I couldn’t be talked out of it. Part of me really wanted to try, but I was worried that I’d run into something. I am not the most coordinated person there is. But on I got and, let me tell you, the vibration on that thing? YES PLEASE. I’ll take two.

I rode it around in an oval a few times (SO. MUCH. FUN.) and just as I rounded the final turn to get to the family and to stop the bike, I realized that I wasn’t turning enough to make the corner and me and the bike both hit one of their snow mobiles!!

SEE! I knew I’d hit something!

Thankfully I didn’t do any damage to the snowmobile, and they were hilarious about the whole thing, assuring me that it was fine.

So that? Was a blast – and a huge stress reliever. I hadn’t realized how much stress was on my shoulders until I laughed and got to shoot some targets.

I’m definitely keeping that on the back burner for way to relieve stress. Definitely.

Then we got home and Scott’s sister called inviting us to a corn roast this evening. We’ve decided to get a babysitter for a few hours (something we haven’t done in awhile) and to head out and enjoy ourselves.

This is one of those days that has just fallen together in a truly delightful way!


2 Responses to “Some Days Just Fall Together”

  1. Tracey September 8, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    We ride 4 wheelers alot and it is soooo relaxing and fun!

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