Burrowed Right In There

10 Sep

I have a migraine. This may not be abnormal for me, but what is abnormal is that I had to think twice before taking any ibuprophen. the last time I took some my stomach lining protested greatly and made sure that I knew that it was thoroughly pissed off.

I’m not used to having to look twice before I take meds. Usually my body can handle any medication that I need to take, so having to think twice about taking ibuprophen was something new to me. I actually made sure that I had food in my stomach before taking them. I actually thought, briefly, about not taking them, and about trying to get rid of the migraine the “natural” way.

I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. I have yet to see a “natural” way to get rid of a migraine. The migraine burrows right into your skull and sits there happily while you have difficulty concentrating due to the pounding that is in your head.

But this is totally true to form for the last few days I’ve had. What’s been going on? Let me recap for you, in bullet style:

  • Got the refinance – oh yes, this is a great thing. Now we can get the house done, right? Wrong. We’ve yet to find a contractor that we trust and that is not going to screw us. See, the original idea was that my step-father work with us on the house. We were going to hire him to do work and Scott was going to help when he could so that he could get his hands into the building too. But apparently he’s pissed at me because of the fight going on between my mother and I. It’s nice to know that even when you’re the one who was treated badly, you still come out on the bottom. As evidenced by the next bullet:
  • My ex-friend – I miss her very much. She was a great friend to talk to and helped to keep the day a bit more sane. It pisses me off that her significant other is such an ass that he’s actually happy that she and I are no longer talking. Like he’s trying to control her world or something. Scott keeps telling me to forget about them, and that they’re not worth it – and he repeats what everyone else has said, that K obviously wasn’t a true friend to me. But it still irks me that I was the one who was put down upon and yet I still come out on the bottom.
  • My tooth – Thanks to hereditary tooth issues, I’ve been battling back the dental demons for awhile. The demons may have just won, as I may have to have a tooth removed if it is not able to be saved in the next month. The tooth is far in the back, so it’s not like it would be noticeable, but the idea of having to lose a tooth is definitely bothering me. I mean, it’s not like I’m some crack or meth addict whose teeth have rotted out.
  • Something’s not right – Scott and I are in the weird part of our relationship right now. I’m dealing with a new schedule and with being alone most of the day. On one hand I get the house really clean and get my work done while the kids are at school – on the other hand I’m feeling very lonely. This makes me crave his attention more when he’s home. Unfortunately he’s apparently got other things on his mind and isn’t able to give me what I need. I totally see why housewives go for the pool boy now.

That’s basically all that’s going on in my world. Things are going great for my husband, though, which is nice. I may have finally found him the truck he’s been dreaming about, and the fact that I’ve got more housework done when he comes home than he’s used to seeing done is making him extremely ecstatic.

At least one of us is happy!


One Response to “Burrowed Right In There”

  1. Jenera September 10, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    We all have those times where life just sucks. Eventually it gets better…or at least it is supposed to. Mourning the loss of a friendship sucks, even when it is necessary.

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