Why Sometimes Weekends Kick Ass

26 Oct

102409_2637 We had a busy weekend this weekend! First of all – check it out! Babygirl is toothless! Saturday morning she woke up and had breakfast and then looked at me and said “mom! Look at my tooth!” It was crooked! She did nothing more than eat breakfast and the thing almost fell out. So she started wiggling it a bit and then was going to leave it. Um, no! The tooth was barely hanging on and there was no way she’d be able to eat with it the way it was, so we convinced her to wiggle it and twist it for a bit. Yes, there were tears – the big tooth is the worst! Fortunately for her she only has one big tooth!

Anyway, she kept wiggling it and wiggling it and FINALLY the tooth came out! She laughed and immediately put the tooth under her pillow. Of course the tooth fairy would bring a dollar. That afternoon we went to a harvest festival – they tricked us there. It was the first time we’d gone to this festival and even though apparently it was the third year it has gone on, we only knew about it because one of Babygirl’s mothers called and let us know about it. So we headed to the festival and the kids had fun – there were tons of games to play and little prizes to win.

There was, however, a problem – the entire thing was free and I was very suspicious about this. Turns out that I had a reason to be suspicious – after the kids had played for about an hour and a half, and before they announced the winners for the costume contest and the coloring contest, they gave a 20 minute religious sermon! The festival was at a barn of a place that is often used for a Christian camp, although they do have non-Christian things there too, and I felt like they’d suckered the kids in with treats and games in order to preach to them and try to get us to join their church.

I told Scott to suck it up, that it was the price of admission, and that at least now we knew what they were up to. We left as soon as the speech was done (felt rude to leave while they were talking, even though lots of people did), but at least the kids had fun, which is all that matters, right?102509_2627

On Sunday Scott’s sister and her significant other came over so that we could do pumpkins for the second year in a row – it was really fun! As you can tell from the pumpkins, we all had different ideas of what we wanted. On the far left is Aunt T’s pumpkin – it’s got scars! And then there is Uncle D’s pumpkin…he ran out of ideas and didn’t know what to do. But the back of his pumpkin has an ass! Next is Babygirl’s kitty pumpkin – fortunately we found a template for that one! Then is my pumpkin, and next is Toad’s pumpkin – – he carved it himself!! He found a template online he liked, Daddy helped him to write it on the pumpkin, but Toad carved it himself. We were extremely proud!

The whole weekend started on Friday morning when Babygirl had three friends over – yeah, I was ready for a glass of wine after they all left, but it was really fun. The girls got all dressed up and looked like princesses, even doing their nails! So adorable!

And now Toad is home sick. He doesn’t have a fever – just a nasty cough and a stuffy nose, but I’m hoping that by resting for the day, it’ll help knock the cold back a bit. And he hasn’t had a day off of school yet, so if he plays the DS and the Wii half the day (with a definite nap in the afternoon and a nice hot shower), I don’t think that’s too bad of an idea.


2 Responses to “Why Sometimes Weekends Kick Ass”

  1. sherry October 26, 2009 at 4:04 pm #

    The school called us at about 9 am (an hour after starting) to ask us to come pick Hayley up because she wasn’t feeling well. Everyone’s being so cautious lately because of H1N1 that they pretty much shuttled her right out of there, even though it was a stomach ache that she was dealing with, not a fever.

    Ah well. She’s back in her pajamas and both kids are sitting at the table painting together, so that’s not so bad.

  2. Jenera October 26, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

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