The Plague!

18 Nov

For most of this fall I’ve been freaking out about the H1N1 virus. I’ve been reading news about it and trying to figure out how scary it really was.

Then my daughter came down with 103.3 degree fever. Any parent knows that once it gets over 102, it gets scary. So we went to tepid baths, tylenol and motrin combo, and lots of tv time. Fortunately she only seemed to have the high fever for a full day, so I’m actually pretty sure that either we didn’t have H1N1 or we had a very easy case of it. The pediatrician’s office also said that croup was going around, and while I thought Babygirl was too old to get it, I never doubt my pediatrician – she’s the best – so maybe it was croup.

She was healthy enough this weekend to have fun with me and Toad but not healthy enough for them to spend the much-awaited-for night at grammy’s house. Scott, you see, was at hunting camp, where he’ll go this weekend and next weekend as well. I’ve actually gotten a bit more comfortable with him going, probably because our large dogs have proven that they can actually make noise and seem really ferocious when someone enters the yard or house that they don’t know. Would they actually bite? Duke would – Takaani and Kamik I’m not so sure of, but they look scary as hell and sound scary as hell, so hopefully they’d scare someone off!

Now Toad’s sick. On Monday he had to be sent home from school because they said he had a 99.8 fever – when I got him home he didn’t have one, but he did develop a slight fever in the afternoon. And then again last night he had a low grade one as well. I think it’s pretty likely that he’s fighting off the same thing that Babygirl had.

As for the rest of my life in – work has been BUSY! Which is good but coupled with the sicknesses has made me a bit mad. Fortunately the hubby took care of me the other night and made me take a sleeping pill so that I could actually get some sleep, which I did, thankfully (we were heading into emotional meltdown territory!).

And we’ve been hanging out with some old/new friends, which is really enjoyable for me. I used to work with one of the pair and thanks to Facebook we’ve reconnected and got together to let the kids play and to actually chat like grown-ups (I’m still constantly shocked that I’m a grown-up). It’s been a really relaxing thing for me.

Next up: construction on the house and painting the living room! AND I talk about how much of a difference HD truly does make. Dammit.


One Response to “The Plague!”

  1. Tracey November 19, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    Welcome back!!

    We’ve had gunk going around here too.

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