Too Sweet

25 Nov

Too Sweeet, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

How can I tell that my depression has affected me? Because I hadn’t taken or edited any photos in months. THAT’S how serious things were. But then, a few days ago, Scott came walking up the stairs.

“Hey honey!” he called, “Look what I found!” I could hear him cooing and my first thought was that he found a kitten or something.

Instead he walks up the stairs with a 10 month old baby and her 4 year old sister!!

They were the children of the owner of the carpentry business that is here doing up our house. They’re screening in the back porch (which is looking FREAKING AMAZING), and they’re putting on a tin roof.

The minute I saw how adorable his daughters were, I picked up the camera. Today was the first time I’ve edited photos. It felt a little strange, and I immediately felt guilty. I love taking photos. I love editing photos. Why had I waited so long to start taking pictures again?

Probably because of the stupid depression. I’m still battling it – as made obvious by a complete and total meltdown I had on Sunday night – but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

But the simple fact that this depression affected me so badly that I stopped taking photos really helped me to see how serious it was/is.


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