Building and Eating

30 Nov

Building the porch, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

This weekend was a bit trying. On one hand it was fun – we got to eat a delicious dinner cooked by my mother and the kids had a blast with their cousins. Toad headed to deer camp for a night with daddy and the men (and poker – he actually won) as an extra treat, and Babygirl and I had a girl’s evening in. On Saturday I took the kids to the local community swimming pool. Fortunately our town pays for the children’s membership (which is AWESOME), and that allows me to get in for just $5.

There were only two caveats during this weekend – one was that I just got tired. I’m not used to being a single parent to two children (and three dogs – and four cats), and doing so for three nights stressed me out a bit and made me snappy.

The second caveat is that my tooth is killing me! I’m working on it. I have an appointment at the dentist, it’s just dealing with the pain and waiting until the appointment.

Check out the picture of thee house! Today it’s actually quiet here. I think the construction guys are coming back on Thursday when the tin comes in. They spent three days last week stripping the roof and transforming the porch into a screened in one. The porch is basically done now – all they need to do is to put the screen in and the door on, which I believe they’ll be doing on Thursday when they come back.

But today? Today it’s nice and quiet here. I’ve got laundry to fold and take care of and some work to do, but at least I get to do it in peace and quiet.


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