Too Funny

3 Dec

I’ve been laughing lately. A lot. And it feels good. Yesterday I laughed at Baby Daddy. Baby hadn’t pooped yet and both Baby Daddy and I were getting a bit worried. He was going to talk to the social worker when she got here if he still hadn’t. Then, after lunch, the grunting started. Mom’s know the grunt – the grunt that means that you’re going to have a HUGE mess on your hands when the grunting is done.

Baby Daddy was glad that his son had pooped and got ready to change him. He took off his pants, unsnapped his onesie, unvelcro’ed the diaper and..gagged.

“No, you don’t understand, it was THIS THICK,” he said after, showing me about an inch or so with his fingers.

The whole time he changed him, he kept saying, “Oh my god – oh lord – oh my god.” I couldn’t help it – I laughed! ALL mothers and fathers have been there at one point in time, and I know other more experienced moms had giggled a bit at me when I was assaulted with an extremely fresh diaper. This time, though, it was my turn to laugh. Fortunately Baby Daddy laughed with me (after he got over the stink, of course).

Today my brother-in-law popped down and it was perfect timing, as his birthday present had just arrived. He makes it well known that he can handle ANYTHING that’s hot. So I went online and found the hottest hot sauce that I could find and afford. He opened it up, dipped his finger in the sauce, and put it to his mouth.

At first he did nothing. Then his eyebrows raised. Then his mouth dropped. Then he begged.

“Milk! Please, milk!”

Then he stuck his finger in his eye, which caused burning, which caused him to rush to the bathroom to rinse out his eye.

And I laughed. Baby Daddy laughed too. We both laughed so much we couldn’t breathe.

I like laughing. I need to do it more often.


One Response to “Too Funny”

  1. Jenera December 3, 2009 at 11:00 pm #

    Men and diaper changes are always funny!

    And so is hot sauce in the eye.

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