Halfway to 18

6 Dec

I’ve written about my labor with Toad before, and while it was 9 long years ago, it doesn’t seem like it. I can remember almost every part of that day, from the minute I woke up with pains to later that night when I was able to lay in my bed with Toad, my legs frozen, and to memorize every little line and mark in his face.

Last night we had Toad’s birthday party at a local bowling alley – small balls. The kids all had a blast. Toad had a blast, Babygirl had a blast, and all of his friends said that it was really fun.

“I LOVE BOWLING!” one of the girls exclaimed.

“Have you ever gone bowling before?” I asked. “NO!” she replied, “but I’m definitely going again!”

“THIS IS THE BEST CAKE EVER!” another girl said.

“Let’s use my new binoculars to spy on the girls,” these words came out of my son’s mouth.

He had 3 friends spend the night last night. They went to sleep really late, and got up really early. Now only one friend is left hanging out, and when he leaves we’ll give Toad the presents we got him (one of which is the DS game he’s been begging for) and I’ll be making his dinner of choice (a family tradition – this year he wants french toast).

Tomorrow morning he’ll go to school like normal, taking his time putting on his glasses and socks and generally moving as slowly as he possibly can.

But for today, he’s the boss, and I’m reminded of how precious he is to me – to us. How he’s growing up so fast, and how, as someone pointed out to me, 9 is halfway to 18, which means that sooner than either of us want, our baby will be an adult.

Happy Birthday my baby boy. You made me a mother. You make me laugh every day. You constantly amaze me with all that you learn and how witty and sarcastic you can be.



One Response to “Halfway to 18”

  1. Jenera December 6, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Happy Birthday!

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