The Results

8 Dec

I know that some of you have probably been checking in to see what happened with Baby Daddy and Baby. Baby Daddy had court yesterday, and he’s going home today without his son. But court did, for the most part, go his way. He’s headed back home and has to do a few more things before he goes to court again (likely within a month) in order to  again talk to the judge about the situation.

But he was pretty happy with how court went, and the foster mom was happy that Baby was going to be back with her.

The house is pretty quiet now. I can’t lie – I sort of like the quietness in the house, especially in the morning. I like the fact that I can sit on my couch with my laptop watching “Drama in the Daytime” on TNT (I’ve completely discovered a love for Charmed) without having anyone else in the house.

That doesn’t mean we’re unwilling to do it again. We definitely are. We’ve already talked to the caseworker about how we felt about the whole thing, and about how we’d definitely do it again.

Meanwhile today I have tons of errands to do, not to mention going to donate blood. The kids concert is tonight and its the first time Babygirl is going to be involved in a concert, so I can’t wait to see her. And Toad apparently has something special that he has to do during the concert, and he’s been pretty mym on the whole situation, so I’m looking forward to hearing about that as well!


2 Responses to “The Results”

  1. Jenera December 8, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

    Oh, I was hoping he’d get the baby. I was just telling Daniel last night I was wondering what happened. I hope that everything works out for the best for him.

  2. scootersbabygirl December 9, 2009 at 1:42 am #

    Yeah – Scott was too. But the simple fact of the matter is that the father didn’t get all of the documentation that he needed, nor did he get everything set up down there to have the baby go with him. If he were really serious about getting the baby, he’d have done a few things that he was advised to do. I’m still upset that he couldn’t stay – I understand that he needed to work to get money, but there is a good chance that if he had readjusted things to stay here, even for just a few weeks, he’d likely be able to go home with the baby. As it is, though, at least the baby is being well taken care of by the foster parents (even though they’re getting a bit TOO attached) – I should send you a pic of him. He was adorable! I can’t put his pics online for the general public, but I can send you a few if you’d like to see him.

    Randi Morse

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