The Big Day

28 Dec

Tree, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Went amazingly well. Other than a bit of a health drama the evening before, things went great! My parents came over for Christmas at around 10 am – by that time the kids had been up four hours, had demolished their stockings, and had discovered that Santa and brought Babygirl a keyboard and Toad a real guitar. Obviously Santa either thinks that my kids are going to be the next Jonas Brothers, or that Mommy deserves migraines.

Scott’s big present this year was a new stereo for his truck, because the stereo in his truck didn’t work when he purchased it, so he needed a new one. He spent most of today with my brother-in-law and his friend putting it in, but it got put in, it works, and nothing got burned, so it was a total success!!

As for me, I got the Beatles: Rock Band, which is AWESOME, and Scott was very brave and bought me some shoes, which fit great and which proves that I can’t buy myself shoes – someone has to buy them for me.

Tomorrow, weather depending, I’m taking the kids to get their new ice skates sharpened (thanks to Aunt T and Uncle D!) and will be attempting to take two children on the ice who don’t know how to skate – BY MYSELF. Yeah – that should be EASY.

Of course the forecast is calling for some freezing rain, so we may wind up hanging out at home and destroying their rooms with their new toys all over again.


One Response to “The Big Day”

  1. Jenera December 28, 2009 at 5:02 am #

    You have such a pretty tree! Mine looked so blah.

    Glad you had a good Christmas!

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