How to Roof A House With Snow

7 Jan

Takaani, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Remember that we’ve been getting work done on our house? Well it ended about a month ago – only it wasn’t done. There were two huge tarps on my roof (I honestly didn’t realize tarps came that big!) and tons of other stuff around the outside of the house that proved that the carpenters were nowhere near done.

They were waiting on the tin.

This brings me back to the old Scott thing. See, Scott will always look at a project and say “don’t worry! This’ll only take a few minutes.”

Three hours later, “almost done!”

Another hour later, “just a minute!”

Now I don’t mind however long it takes him to do things, but I hate when he says something will take only a small amount of time and it takes FOREVER.

That’s why I laugh about the roof. See, the tin roof is Scott’s baby. More than anything else, he wanted a tin roof. So it makes me laugh that the holdup on everything has been something of his!!

See that picture on the top of Takaani? It was taken yesterday. Yes, we have a shitload of snow. How do you put a roof on a house when you have tons of snow outside?

First you put the tin in the middle of the driveway where people are sure to run over it (my mother did).

Second you tarp the house BEFORE you get tons of snow. Then you still spend hours chipping off any ice buildup you’ve found.

You shovel off the snow with brooms because last time you shoveled up there, someone messed up and suddenly it was leaking in the kitchen.

You do tons of pounding and hammering and then laugh when the resident of the house can’t get any work done.

I’m happy that they’re here, and I’m happy that it’s finally almost done. Never in my life would I have figured that you could put a roof on in the middle of the winter in Vermont, but these guys are doing it. Guess I should brew up some coffee for them or something, huh?

And it just hit me that I never told you guys how to pronounce Takaani. Duh me.

Tuh – kahn (as in the bad dude from Star Trek) – Knee.


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