15 Jan

We’ve had DirecTV now for, oh, something like 4 years? First we had Dish.

Wait. Let me back up.

When we moved into our house, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to have cable, so we decided to get satellite television. We chose Dish because it seemed like the best one for us at the time. And it was, until we decided to add another receiver and we found out that it was going to cost  half a fortune to do so. Which didn’t make sense for us since they were more than willing to add 4 rooms for a new client when we’d been loyal paying customers for 4 years already!

I tried to dial them to discuss the situation again and I accidentally got DirecTV. The woman on the other side of the phone was great, and, I have to admit, it was nice to talk to someone who was from the US instead of someone who says his name was “Bob” but who pronounces it like “BE-OB” and you know his real name is Mustafah.

So we switched to DirecTV. At first we hated it simply because the menu was different than the Dish menu, but we gave it time and were content.

Then we decided to upgrade to the DVR, and the DVR was great. Until it broke. We called DirecTV, got someone from the US AGAIN, and they were very sweet. They sent us a new DVR and a paid box to send the old DVR back. We hooked the new DVR up, got it running, and about a month later, it broke. The tech said that it was a one in a million thing that caused the DVR to break, and said that we would have to pay to send back the old DVR. I was not happy.

But then he said that he would give us free Showtime for 3 months because he couldn’t do anything about us having to pay the bill to send the DVR back.

They sent us a letter right when summer began that said, since we’d been loyal customers for so long, we were getting free Showtime for 3 months. Um, okay!

Because we had the new roof put on, we had to have the DVR moved. The cost was pretty low to have it moved, and the installer was great. Unfortunately, however, he upgraded our DVR’s to new ones which were HD compatible. We turned the TV on and suddenly we got HD. Which is an extra $10 a month.


So I call DirecTV, a bit upset at the situation because we didn’t ask to have to pay an extra ten dollars. The tech was really sweet and told us that they’d give us three free months of the HD service to see if we liked it, and they took off the cost of the DVR’s because we hadn’t asked to have them put in, and they were done by the installer.

The other day our bill comes in, and lo and behold, there’s an extra $10 charge on the bill for the HD. So we call DirecTV again and explain the situation.

The person apologizes profusely and says that because of their mistake, they’re not only taking off the charge, but they’re giving us free HD for another 3 months, giving us 6 months total of free HD. That’s a $60 value!

We get little DirecTV commercials because we have DirecTV. On the newer commercials, the guy always says, “compliments of DirecTV.”

I like that phrase.

I’ll tell you what, we love our DirecTV. We’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and their customer service people are amazing and have always been able to help us, no matter what the problem was. While we beg and plead for real high speed internet to come to our house in the form of cable, we know we would never switch our DirecTV to cable, because they’ve simply been too good to us.

And I think I’m going to start using their phrase. Any time I do something for someone, I’m going to say “compliments of Randi”.

Or is that too much?


5 Responses to “Compliments”

  1. sherry January 15, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    How do you find the reliability of the signal? We used to have satellite (first StarChoice, then Bell ExpressVu) but it often irritated me. The signal would drop or go really fuzzy if there was the slightest weather issue. It would happen if OUR weather sucked or if someone else’s weather sucked.

    We have digital cable now and it’s really rare for us to have any sort of signal problem.

    The only thing I miss is I used to be able to do time zone shifting so if I wanted to watch an 8 pm show at 9 I could just watch it in a different time zone. That was always nice!

  2. Tracey January 15, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    I looked at DVR but its $99 for the box then I think $8 a month to use it..SO I say “I dont tink so”

    I have DirecTv too. I called to reduce my bill, due to getting hours cut back, trying to reduce expenses in the house..So they reduced my package for 6 months and gave me one movie package I was about to drop for 1/2 for 6 months…I said in 6 months if my situation hasn’t changed then what? He says Call back and we will help again.

  3. Jenera January 15, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    We had them briefly in Oregon and we didn’t have any complaints either.

    I think I’d use ‘compliments of randi’ if I were you. Especially with people that are notoriously ungrateful, lol. Can you imagine the look on a person’s face?

  4. Laverne Cochran June 18, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

    I would like to say Mia is a good Customer Service rep.She really helped me today.

  5. Carol Ann Johnson November 21, 2015 at 7:18 pm #

    I was an extremely frustrated Direct TV customer. I spoke to a rep Friday night about the tv going out when I was waiting the entire day for a special program to come on in the evening. Then she had me do a couple things (the usual) and nothing worked so she scheduled for a tech to come out this morning between 8 and 12. I received a confirming call at 7:45 a.m., and then another abut 10:15 confirming again that the tech would be coming. Then another at 11 a.m. saying they didn’t forget about me. I called at 12:15 and was on hold for over 15 minutes, talk to a rep who had nothing to say and I repeated myself all over again and she transferred me to another tech after waiting 10 minutes on the call and I got the most knowledgeable tech by the name of CARMEN, #300105862 WHO TOLD ME TECHS DON’T COME OUT WHEN IT IS SNOWING. NOW WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE ELSE TELL ME THIS AND WHY ALL THE REMINDER PHONE CALLS THIS MORNING. I WISH I WOULD HAVE TALKED TO CARMEN THE FIRST TIME AND I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SO FRUSTRATED. DIRECT T.V. HAS TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND WHEN MY CONTRACT EXPIRES IN 2017 hey, other carriers LOOK PRETTY GOOD. THANKS CARMEN YOU WERE REALLY GREAT.

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