Their Relationship

25 Jan

Hi Dad!, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

I love watching Babygirl and Scott lately. During her Christmas vacation, Babygirl became attached to daddy at the hip. This is something that often happens during vacations when he’s able to be home more often. Eventually she detaches herself a bit from him, until the next vacation, of course, when it starts all over again.

We went to my cousin’s basketball game on Saturday and the kids got a bit bored. They played their DS’s for awhile but eventually Babygirl had decided that she’d had enough, so she went to sit on Dad’s lap. Dad didn’t really do anything to play with her, just cuddled her and pointed out what was going on during the game. Apparently she just liked his attention, because she made sure that he kept it on her.

I love watching Scott and the kids. I have a tenuous relationship with my own father, and with my step-father, and so the relationship between a child and their father has always been a mystery to me. Seeing Scott playing with and loving our children warms my heart, each and every time, and I remember, each and every time, how thankful I am that he’s an amazing father, and I know that, eventually, they’ll realize how thankful they are as well.


One Response to “Their Relationship”

  1. Jenera January 26, 2010 at 2:40 am #

    I love this photo!

    I also love watching Daniel with the boys. Knowing the childhood he had I know it’s almost a miracle for him to know how to show love to his kids. He is their world and even when it’s irritating, I love it.

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