Grammy 2010 Roundup

1 Feb

I was going to write about the auction we went to this weekend and how I apparently can’t go to any auctions without filling the van. It’s not that I buy a LOT, it’s just that I buy BIG.

But last night I had to get a huge work project finished, so I missed the Grammy’s. As a Monday morning treat I’m sitting here watching them before I work on our taxes (blah). And because I’m a huge music lover, I’m going to give you some honest opinions about some of the Grammy performances that I’ve watched so far.

Lady Gaga & Elton John

I have to admit that when I first started hearing Gaga on the radio, I wasn’t convinced. I thought that maybe she was a flash in the pan. Then I saw one of her performances on an awards show – it was definitely different. She was very theatrical and that reminded me a bit of early Meatloaf.

At the Grammy’s she showed me that she not only can sing pop music, girl’s got some pipes! When she started singing Pokerface in a slow and sexy rhythm, it sounded very familiar but I couldn’t figure out what she was singing. It definitely sounded familiar, and I knew it was one of her songs, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Then she bust out in Pokerface and a smile lit my own face.

But nothing was better than when she came out with Elton John. I mean – Gaga and Elton John – what genius came up with that combination?! Both sang amazingly, they harmonized perfectly, and I’d love to see much more of them together!

So much so that I had to put a video up of it!


*disclaimer: I have Beyonce issues – I feel that she used Destiny’s Child for her fame. However I will definitely admit that she has some serious lungs and vocal chords.

Beyonce needs to stop letting her mama dress her – the outfit she wore on the red carpet looked like it was knitted by a blind great-grandmother. And this outfit looks like it was initially designed as body armor for some weird female assassin. But let’s avoid her outfits and talk about her music.
She can sing. I can’t deny that, no matter how much I want to. I started to chalk up the whole performance as another “yeah, she can sing, dammit” opinion, but then she made me utterly happy. She started singing an Alanis Morissette song! I immediately thought “oh no she didn’t!” And not only that, she censored it! Okay, Beyonce, stick to your own songs and leave the songs of my 90’s icons alone, kapish?
There was something my mom used to say a long time ago about some singers – she’d say that “you can tell they’ve got black in them.” Okay, it sounds bad, but it’s really not. This was her way of saying that a person has seriously amazing vocal chords – the type that you’d likely hear in a gospel choir.
Pink was amazing. She not only sang on-key and beautifully, she did it hanging upside down and spinning around dripping wet. When history looks back at the true performers of our time, she will be one that will be on the list and who has earned her place there.

Here’s the video of the performance:

Black Eyed Peas

These guys? Sucked. They just sucked. No more to say about them.

Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks

I like some of Taylor Swift’s songs – they make me dance around and they’re songs I can sing with my kids. But two things struck me about her performance with Stevie Nicks (who, may I just say, looks AMAZING).

1. As said best by my friend online last night – girl needs a steak. Or eight. And maybe a big old chocolate cake and a few glasses of milk. If it comes out that Taylor Swift has some sort of an eating disorder or a drug addiction? I would not be surprised.

2. She sang offkey. WAY offkey. So far offkey that the dogs were howling when she started singing.

Prince and Paris Jackson

The song was amazing, although I missed the notice that we should have had 3D glasses ready. Good thing I have a daughter who has a fondness for Barbie! I simply had to go to the DVD case and, voila, 3D glasses. Paris Jackson, by the way, is going to be gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous. I still don’t think that she is biologically the child of Michael Jackson, but it is obvious that the children loved their father, and as long as he took great care of them, that’s all that matters.

There were, of course, other acts, but these were the ones that stuck out at me. What do you think about the performances at the Grammy’s?

Oh – and weren’t there some awards given away last night too?


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