Learning to Listen

4 Feb

Dear Body,

Look, I know that I’m not always the nicest person to you. I know that sometimes I let you laze around far too much, but I’m trying to change that! Didn’t you notice the exercise that I gave you two days ago? Didn’t it feel good? And the exercise wasn’t even high impact, it was just to get you moving around and feeling good. So see? I’m trying to give you the care that you need. I even sacrificed by taking medications in order to bring on a period, and if you think THAT was fun, you and the brain need to switch places for awhile.

I’m trying to take care of you, but did you feel like it was absolutely necessary to wake me up at 5 am this morning? Look, I know that I was ignoring the ache in my right shoulder for the past few days, but can you blame me? I’m used to aches in the left shoulder due to stress (some day we’ve gotta talk about that), so of course I was going to ignore the right shoulder. And, you know, housework and kid-time doesn’t stop just because of a sore shoulder.

I definitely didn’t appreciate being woken up at 5 am this morning. And my poor husband thought I was crazy at first! I mean, he looked at me like I was being a wuss for awhile. Obviously he’s forgotten that I deal well with physical pain, usually, and that if I’m crying, as I was this morning, it’s gotta hurt really bad. And you made sure of that, didn’t you? By giving me a 12 out of 10 pain.

At least you liked the 800 mg of ibuprofen, and the hour I spent laying on the heating pad. Maybe I should throw you some ice to see if that helps, or will you be ticked at me for that?

All right, body, I hear you. You’ve got my attention. Can you please stop hurting so much now? I promise I’ll baby the shoulder for awhile. And maybe I’ll even beg my husband to massage my shoulder for awhile tonight. What else do I need to promise for you to stop hurting? Chocolate? Alcohol? A long, scalding hot shower?

Please do me a favor – the next time you want to let me know that I’m ignoring you, send me an email, will ya?




One Response to “Learning to Listen”

  1. Jenera February 4, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    my knee is being rude today. i was exercising and felt a shooting pain so now I have to lay off the working out until it’s better

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