A New Guilty Pleasure

17 Feb

Working at home has tons of benefits. The first benefit is that I can work in my pajamas. While I wasn’t doing that often at the beginning of the year, I find myself doing it more and more throughout the winter, probably due to the weather, or because I’m just indulging in my lazy side. That doesn’t mean that I’m unproductive, however. I can get more done at home while the kids are in school than I was ever able to get done while they were home, which has helped our financial situation and which has helped to keep me busy. Although my voice does sound strange to me in the afternoon when I finally have someone to talk to!

Another benefit is that I can watch television while I work. I actually have to have some form of noise going on in the background or else I just can’t work well. And recently I stumbled onto the Steve Wilkos Show. Steve was the bodyguard from the Jerry Springer show – the one who everybody loved. A few years ago he got his own television show, and now I’m hooked.

I’m about 95% sure that the guests he has on are real (there’s always the chance that they aren’t), because most of the situations aren’t too unbelievable. But what I really love is that he takes no shit. If he’s got a child abuser on the stage, he doesn’t let them sit down because they “shouldn’t be comfortable” on his stage. I also love that he asks the common sense questions. The type of questions that you or I would ask if we were in front of that person.

Yes, the Steve Wilkos Show is my guilty pleasure. I even plan my morning around the show, which is sad.

Please tell me that someone else has a guilty pleasure like mine!


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