The Beauty of Craigslist

17 Feb

In the last few weeks I’ve become a serious Craigslist Surfer. I love to dive into the digital waters to see if I can find my footing on my board, or, in this case, my KEYboard. At first Scott thought I was just wasting time looking through Craigslist and every time he caught me surfing on it, he would scold me about getting work done. But let’s see what I dug up on my surfing expeditions, shall we?

First, the desk.

Toad needed a desk to do his work on. He was doing it in the kitchen, but generally around the time he was doing it, I was working on supper and Babygirl was doing everything she could to annoy him. So I did some Craigslist surfing and found this desk for $30. It’s the perfect size for him to grow into and it has more than enough drawers. And what made ME happy was that the drawers slide SILENTLY! Of course I’m not ruling out drawer slamming when he reaches his teen angst phase, but at least now it’s nice and quiet. Now we just need to get a lamp to put on there and he’ll be all set.

When Scott and I got together we both laughed because we had the same microwave. Little Sharp microwaves that were large enough to fit a soup bowl into them and that was about it. When we moved into this house there was a space for an over-the-stove microwave, but we didn’t have one, so we continued to use one of the old microwaves. Then it died, and we snagged the other older microwave from my mother.

Then I did a little Craigslist surfing again and found this:

An over-the-stove microwave! It’s an older model, but it was well-taken care of and came with everything we needed to install it. And it was a price my husband could actually agree with: FREE! And I absolutely love it – I think it finally gives the kitchen the finished look that it was missing.

And then I started searching more. I didn’t need anything, but we hadn’t needed the microwave and I stumbled upon that, so I wondered what else I would stumble upon.

And oh boy, did I stumble upon something. I found a gentleman who was selling his 40″ Samsung LCD television because he was moving out of the state. I started an email conversation with him, but the price he wanted was more than we were willing to pay. We I bought a 46″ Samsung LCD television in the end of 2008, and with a bit of research we knew how much one would cost brand new.

Scott and the gentleman got on the phone to discuss the television and the price and since the guy was unwilling to go to the price Scott wanted, they ended their conversation. Then he grinned, looked at me and bet me that he could get the television for the price he wanted to pay for it. At the price the guy was selling it for, I thought that there was NO WAY he’d go down as low as Scott wanted for it. So I took the bet.

The guy didn’t call back, so we emailed and said that we believed he must have taken a different deal, and we wished him well on his trip out of state. He responded and said that he had someone coming to look at it on the weekend.

Then Sunday, after we got back from our fun day in the big city and getting the new bigazz bed, I checked my email. The guy had responded that the other deal had fallen through, and that he’d rather deal with us for a lower price than someone else.

And, you guessed it, Scott got the guy to his price last night. And now this resides in our bedroom:

And how much did we pay for the television? A 1 year old LCD TV? $400. And the starting price? Almost $200 above that.

Yeah, I know my bedroom’s a mess – I can even point out a few things, though.

As you can see, the stuff on the floor? Dog beds. The mutts all have to sleep in the bedroom with us, although I’m just about ready to get rid of them. And on the other bureau? My bureau? Fish and a bit of clutter (most of it came from the holiday rush – I need to get on that). And yeah, the curtains desperately need dusting/vacuuming. But see, not all of the mess is mine! Scott’s stupid metal detector has been sitting in that corner for FOREVER. Soon, hopefully this weekend, we’re going to get the computer out of the bedroom and into another room, as it’s now the kids, so the room will be opened up more. I’d really like to put a little relaxing chair in there.

Guess I need to go Craigslist surfing a bit more, huh?


5 Responses to “The Beauty of Craigslist”

  1. Tracey February 18, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    GREAT finds!! I love Craigslist!!

  2. Tracey February 19, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

    THOUGH posting something on there is another story..I posted a car for a friend and I received a ton of spam emails of women offering their services… OR trying to get me to click on a link for Auto Quotes…

  3. Interactive Whiteboards : October 28, 2010 at 2:35 am #

    dogs love to sleep on warm dog beds that are padded with soft polystyrene foam~’~


  1. Loch Lomond Log Cabins - January 2, 2012


    We better be gloating for this….

  2. Energy Monitoring Devices - January 11, 2012

    A Hoot…

    I was amused by this sweet excellent post today….

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