Pulled Myself Out

22 Mar

Hey guys – sorry for the meltdown the other day. I had a really rough day. I’m feeling better now. Scott pampered me for a day or two and I finally got some sleep. Actually, I’ve had TWO nights of decent sleep right now, which is absolutely heavenly.

Babygirl is at home today. She came down with a nasty little virus this weekend, starting with a fever on Saturday and a nasty cough. It continued through on Sunday and while it looks like the fever is down today, she’s still got a nasty cough, so she’s hanging out with me and relaxing. I’m sure the DS and the TV will get a lot of action today. And of course Toad wanted nothing to do with going to school since his sister was staying home. But hopefully the fact that he was out of the house with me most of yesterday and today will help to prevent him from getting the virus.

Yesterday he and I went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Now I’ve read some reviews online that say that it’s “mediocre”, or whatever. I’m here to tell you that for a kid who is 9, and his mother, it is a GREAT movie. And I’m sure that Scott will love it when it comes out too.

Toad and I have both read three of the books (one left to go!) and we absolutely loved them. First of all, whoever did the screenplay did an extremely good job taking all of the important stuff from the book and putting it into the movie. Was every single thing from the book in the movie? No. But unlike some book to movie translations (AHEM Twilight, New Moon) there was more than enough of the important parts of the book in the movie to make any fan of the books happy.

The movie doesn’t dumb things down. It does have some “sophmoric” humor (Greg winds up accidentally urinating on his older, annoying brother – GENIUS) but it also has a few little lessons in it, and one big one, which is why we will absolutely and definitely be purchasing it the minute that it comes out on DVD, and why I hope that they make enough money to make the second movie!

But while I’m a grownup giving a review, the review of a kids movie should really come from a kid! So here is Toad’s take on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.

Me: So what did you think about the movie, Toad?
Toad: It was really funny!
Me: What part was the funniest?
Toad: Ummm…I don’t know. There were a lot of funny parts!
Me: Was the movie like the book?
Toad: Pretty much. There were a few parts that weren’t there. Like when Greg was swimming.
Me: Yeah, but most of the book was there, right?
Toad: Yup. Mom?
Me: What?
Toad: Can we get that movie when it comes out? I really want Babygirl and Dad to see it. And I want to see it again. And again. And again!

So there you have it. The review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the very person who the movie was created for.

And the best part? It’s not boring for parents either! I think there were just as many laughs from parents during the movie as there were from the kids. Especially during this one exchange between Greg’s mother and Greg’s older brother, Roderick.

Mother: Roderick, is this magazine yours? (it was a motorcycle magazine with a woman with a bikini on it.)
Roderick: No.
Mother: Manny found it in your backpack.
Roderick: It wasn’t in my backpack! It was in my room!

At that point every adult in the theater died laughing. I’m still not sure most of the kids got it, but the adults definitely did!

So five stars – good entertainment for the entire family!


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