The Plague

31 Mar

I feel like I should have put some quarantine tape on our house. First Babygirl was sick. Then I got the flu. Then Toad and Scott started to cough and have some pretty nasty little colds. Then Babygirl needed to be brought to the ER to meet up with her doc in order to get some antibiotics for an ear infection this weekend!

But Babygirl’s on the mend (although she’s definitely not enjoying the bubblegum medicine) and Toad and Scott are slowly getting better as well. As for me? Getting there! The cough is still there, but even more annoying is not being able to breathe through my nose. But I just have to be patient and I’ll be better soon.

My new camera came in last night, and I had great fun getting it unpacked and playing with all of the goodies. I bought it used and the previous owner took amazing care of it. I was able to get some wonderful things along with the camera, including batteries, great memory cards, and some remotes.

Unfortunately because of the flu I had to reschedule a maternity shoot. I hated to have to reschedule the shoot, but there was no way I was going to go near a pregnant woman as sick as I was. Fortunately we were able to reschedule for two weeks from now, and with the new equipment it’ll be even more fun.

And now the rush starts. We do the Easter celebration for my mother’s side of the family – my grandmother used to do it, including a huge egg hunt, and Scott and I took it over. There was no way it was going to stop – it was Gram’s favorite holiday. Then we’ve got Scott’s birthday, and my mother’s, and then Babygirl’s! GAH! And I’m glad that we were all sick last weekend, because this weekend is hectic – a thing called Dabble Day on Saturday morning (it’s held at our local school and is a place where the kids can have tons of fun doing all sorts of activities), then a birthday party at McDonalds for one of Babygirl’s friends Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday is Easter!! Which means that I need to have the house spotless to pass my mother’s inspection – I plan on doing the cleaning on Friday, which means that the music will be cranking!!

Until then, though, I’m going to rest and to finally get back to work and to hopefully kick this friggin flu once and for all!


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