Need Your Help

1 Apr

Internet – I need your help.

I live in a very small town, and one of the best things about our town is the school – it’s small. It’s K-8 and the classes are small. Toad’s class is the smallest with 7 kids in it – Babygirl’s has 13.

The town is basically funded through the garbage dump, which is on the outskirts of town. The only taxes we have to pay are for the school itself. Last year the taxes went up significantly, but it wasn’t because of the school entirely – it was because the entire town was reappraised, and because the state has been giving less and less money to schools due to the economic downturn.

So for the first time in our history, the school budget was voted down. We had a huge meeting at the school and all of us there told the school board that we didn’t want any cuts to the budget – we didn’t want them to combine classes or to cut specials. So the vote happened again, and once again it was shot down.

One of the big reasons why it was shot down is because the town clerk, who is also the treasurer of the school, has made a huge campaign against the budget passing. I personally have a number of issues with this, but that doesn’t help the situation.

I need help figuring out how to get the vote passed. I’ve thought about having some sort of rally, but I’ve never planned one before and honestly wouldn’t know where to start. I’m going to write a letter to the editor, and to talk to as many residents as I can find, but what else can I do?

That’s why I’m looking to you – the collective internet has far more knowledge about this kind of thing and you guys may be able to help me to get the budget passed. Please give me your advice – any advice that you can give me, I would greatly appreciate!


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