Wonderful Easter

5 Apr

Peep Cupcakes, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows that I’ve had a rough few months. Fighting depression is a bitch, but I hate using it as a crutch – fortunately it tends to only knock me down a few days every few months. Then there was this flu, which has been really difficult to deal with as well.

So Easter was a blessing.

We had my mom’s side of the family over for Easter dinner. Scott and I filled and hid 231 eggs (weird number, I know) for seven kids. They had a blast finding all of the eggs, and getting all of the candy that they got – there was lots!!

My cousin was a wonderful sweetheart and actually gave us money towards the candy, which was absolutely sweet and appreciated and very unexpected.

The dinner was delicious. My mom cooked the ham and the potatoes and got the rolls, my cousin brought salad and a vegetable cassarole – all I had to do was the broccoli and cheese (because if you have broccoli, you have to have cheese), and another cousin and my aunt brought tons of other food, including a dessert orgy :).

Then the kids all had a blast outside. The younger girls had fun jumping on the trampoline for awhile, then the boys took their turn, then a few of us grown ups had fun on it as well! The kids all played so amazingly well together – there was no fighting, no squabbles, no crying (aside from one cousin’s daughter who got frustrated that she couldn’t jump on the tramp as well as the other kids).

While I was outside helping to corral the kids and make sure no one got hurt on the tramp, many of the women in the family cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes so that I didn’t have to. The men in the family enjoyed the new screened in porch and now I even have one uncle who says that he may do the same to his porch, because he loves ours so much.

And, of course, the kids had a blast with the stuff the Easter Bunny left, and while there was a hint of sadness – Toad has figured out that mom and dad hide the Easter eggs (although he still believes in the Easter bunny, it has made me realize that soon the fantasy will end for him), the entire day was amazing. Both Scott and I remarked afterwards that it was tiring, and there was definitely a lot of work to be done (mostly in cleaning my house!!), but that it was more than worth it.

I needed this. I needed some family time. I needed some time to be surrounded by my blood, and to receive the hugs that I did. I am so, so grateful for my entire family for coming here, and for making this Easter a wonderful one. And I’m grateful for my immediate family – my husband and kids.

Speaking of which, one of us has a birthday tomorrow. One who will turn 37…hmm…more on that tomorrow!!


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