Adventures in Earrings

13 Apr

Once upon a time there was a little princess who had a 6th birthday. For her birthday she received a number of gifts, but one thing that she really wanted more than anything else was to get earrings.

This is a battle that had been going on for longer than she had been alive. Her father was a stubborn king and he had decided that his princess needed to be 16 before she was allowed to have earrings. The queen, however, stood up for her princess and waged a great war with the king to allow the princess to have the option to have earrings if she truly wanted them.

Finally the queen wore the king down, and the princess was allowed to get earrings. The only problem was that the king had put a great fear into the princess about earrings, making her believe that the process was going to be so painful that it wasn’t worth the earrings that she wanted. Then, at the princesses royal academy, one of the other princesses who had never had earrings suddenly got some, and the princess finally decided that she wanted to have earrings, and she wanted them for her birthday.

So the queen made an appointment at a royal salon where she knew that the royal attendants would do two earrings at once, making it easier for the little princess to get what she wanted.

And so, on the 6th birthday of the little princess, she went to the salon with her family.

And so the little princess Babygirl sat in the chair and received a little pep talk from the royal attendant.

As you can see, she was a bit worried about the whole process.

As the two attendants line everything up and get ready, you can tell that she’s really, REALLY worried.

One should never post photos of a princess crying, which is why there are no photos taken at the royal salon after this one. Yes, the princess cried, but only for a few minutes, and only after 10 seconds of serious bewilderment.

The next photo of the princess shows how wonderfully happy she was with the earrings (once the ears stopped throbbing, that is).

Even the evil King had to tell the beautiful princess Babygirl after the earrings were put in that they were beautiful.

And last night, after the Chinese food, the surprise cake (she actually thought she wasn’t getting another cake for her actual birthday due to the cake and the brownies she’d already had), and the tons of fun playing with some new toys with mommy, the princess headed to bed.

Before she fell asleep, after she’s already said her good nights and had her kisses, and the queen mommy was outside the door, the princess called out.

“Yes Birthday girl?”
“I really love my earrings.”


One Response to “Adventures in Earrings”

  1. Tracey April 14, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    AWEEEE Ive attempted twice to get my daughter’s done. Its her decision but we have gone, she gets in the chair and bails out after the dots are drawn.

    Congrats BabyGirl they are BEAUTIFUL!!

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