What I’ve Been Up To

7 Jun

OMG, I’ve been up to so much! The last few weeks have been really busy, which has been a good thing. The kiddos are winding down. They’ve got one full week left of school and then they’re out for the summer, and looking forward to it. Scott’s been having stomach issues, so we focused on that for awhile, but now it seems to have worked itself out, thankfully.

My photography business has actually been picking up steam, and I’m really happy about that. I’ve got a number of family photo shoots set and more weddings than I thought I’d have this summer! In the month of August I have one Saturday free, and that’s it! And where’s the money going to? DISNEY! We’re planning (HOPEFULLY, if the universe agrees) to go to Disney World in November. After I use the money from the next wedding to finish paying off the heating bill!

I was even able to take some photos at a local horse barn – I got to go into the ring when horses were jumping, which was very cool.

Plans for the summer? To enjoy it! I can’t wait to spend time with the kiddos doing some fun stuff. Babygirl will want to do lots of arts and crafts, while Toad would love to just sit on the Wii the whole time (not happening). The kiddos will have swimming lessons and hopefully we’ll be able to spend lots of time at the beach or at the park. And we’re definitely going to go see Toy Story 3 together!

And hopefully Scott and I can spend a few minutes together as well. We tend to have a difficult time getting a few quiet moments over the summer months, and while I love our family time, I also want to make sure that we get some time together to keep our relationship strong. Every time I turn around lately I’m hearing or reading about couples separating. Couples who have been together for YEARS – longer than Scott and I, even! Both of us agree that it’s a very scary thing, and we both want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to us.


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