A New Obsession

11 Jun

Because I work online I’ve been able to meet (electronically, at least), lots of people from around the world. I always heard about this “Dr. Who” show, but Scott and I watch enough shows so I ignored it! Wait, don’t believe we watch too many shows? When the shows are on, we tape:

  • House
  • CSI
  • Survivor
  • Fringe
  • Heroes (although that one’s over now)
  • Psych
  • South Park
  • MythBusters
  • V
  • Top Chef (my show, not his)
  • Glee (my show)
  • WWE Raw (his show)
  • TNA (his show)

But now I have another show to add to my list of really loved shows – Dr. Who! Dr. Who is, quite seriously, absolutely awesome. I love the Doctor, I love the companions (most of them), and I love the stories! I love the fact that the show doesn’t spend millions of dollars per episode, but that they still have a great show, and I love the fact that I’m starting to talk like I’m English.

Seriously! I’ve been saying “Brilliant!” and “Oy!” all the time! I know, it’s sad.

Fortunately my boss is a huge fan of the series, so I’ve got someone to talk to about how much I like the show and I get to ask questions about the show, as she’s followed it for forever.

So even though I’m really busy lately with work, and really busy with photography (I’m all booked up for every Saturday in August!) and the kids are getting out of school in a few short days, meaning I’m going to lose my quiet television time during the day, I’m still really happy about this new obsession. It’s smart, witty, hilarious, and just what the Doctor ordered! :). What are your television obsessions?


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