Drama Island

26 Jun

Some people have thought that I’m the type of person who jumps into the ocean just to swim to drama island. Saying basically that I really enjoy drama. Let me get something clear right now:


Yes, I like watching drama television shows or movies, but drama in real life? NOT A FAN. That doesn’t mean that I shy away from it. I’ve learned that shying away from drama doesn’t make it go away. But I definitely don’t actively seek it out.

Apparently, however, drama seeks me out.

I’ve been involved in so many different dramatic situations in the last few weeks that I’m tired. I want off Drama Island now. Can someone vote my ass off and extinguish my torch, please? That way maybe the drama will leave me be for a bit to enjoy life.

And now the TMI part of my blog post.

I have PCOS. Basically, my hormones are fucked up. This means that some parts of my body act weird, like a period. I can and have gone months (even over a year) without a period. Now that I’m 30, my lovely Doctor wants me to have a period once every few months. So I get to have Provera in order to induce one. Provera is basically the PMS pill – hell in a pill form.

Last round on the 6th day, Aunt Flo arrived and oh, I rejoyced.

I’m on the 8th day now and so far? Nothing.

So what does this mean? I DON’T KNOW AND IT’S FREAKING ME OUT!

I know that they call this the “provera challenge”, and that if you have a period after being on the pill, your plumbing works fine. If you don’t, something’s off. Now, with my hormones, just about anything could be off, but the fact that I still haven’t had a period after 8 days of being off of the pill is really freaking me out. As each new day starts, and I have nothing, I start freaking out more. My stomach is one bit anxiety knot right now. It makes no sense to call the doctor until Monday, when I’ll have been 10 days off the pill. If they tell me to wait longer, I’ll probably freak out even more.

See?! I don’t have to go LOOKING for drama, it finds me!!


One Response to “Drama Island”

  1. Jaime June 27, 2010 at 1:47 am #

    It’s so nice having PCOS, isn’t it? Sigh. I’m at the point of the month waiting for TOM to start and having the mental battle that I have most months: “It’s a bit late, isn’t it?”
    “It doesn’t start until day three of the sugar pills.”
    “But maybe! My boobs are sore. They don’t usually get sore! I had [insert whatever symptom that could be early pregnancy] so it could be!”
    “I’m on birth control.”
    “But I know FOUR women who got pregnant on birth control.”

    And so on.


    *hugs* Try not to feel too freaked out about it. I had to do Progesterone once – the ‘guaranteed to make you have a period pill’ – and it didn’t work. The doctor didn’t think anything of it.

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