Enjoying the 4th

4 Jul

My photography business is going great. I’ve scheduled 8 weddings (had 10 but 2 got canceled) and am slowly but surely breaking into other genres, including family portraits and senior portraits. One thing that I’ve always had a hard time with is taking portraits in public. I know all of the laws, where you’re allowed to take photos of people and where you’re not, but I’m actually a shy person! I can talk to you for hours, but when it comes to going up to a stranger and taking their picture, it’s not that easy for me. So I decided to use this holiday weekend to get some practice taking portraits of people who are in public.

I took the camera to the local parade and this time I was ecstatic. I always bring it but I never manage to get photos that I really like. This time I got a number of photos that I fell in love with, including the one above of a dance studio that was advertising celebrating the 4th at the parade.

I also took the camera to the beach this afternoon with the kids, and took a walk along the beach with the express purpose of taking photos of strangers. No one, save one person, even knew that I got a shot of them. One person who had a cute dog I was trying to take a picture of started smiling and immediately bent down so that I could take the pic with her in it! So it went really well and I was extremely happy. Tonight I get to practice doing photos of fireworks again. The last time I took firework photos my local town loved them so much that they used it for the cover of our town meeting book, so here’s hoping that I can get some great ones again, this time it’s in the larger town near us, but Scott knows the guy who’s setting them off, and he liked the ones I did last year, and said if I get any great ones this year that he may use them promotionally! Practice definitely makes perfect!

Happy 4th Of July Everyone!


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