Toad’s Birthday!!

9 Dec

I can’t believe that I didn’t post Toad’s annual birthday post. Wow. I NEVER forget to post on Toad or Babygirl’s birthday. I’ve been really, REALLY busy lately, but that’s no excuse.

I still remember being in labor with him, and I remember everything about that day, and the days after. But time flies by so quickly – I realized yesterday that in another 10 years, my son will be 20. TWENTY. He’ll be a man and grown and most likely living his own life away from here. It made me horribly sad, and yet proud at the same time. I know we’re raising an amazing child. He’s funny and smart and sweet and sensitive and yet he’s got little quirks as well, like his snarky attitude and sarcasm. Yeah, he’s his mother’s child all right.

We always joke that Toad looks JUST like Scott but that he acts just like me, and that’s definitely true. He does many of the stupid things that I do, and he’s got the same type of attitude that I have. Of course that also means that he and I tend to go at it more than anyone else in the house, but we also tend to have more fun together as well.

Yesterday he volunteered to help Daddy shovel the yard. It’s the first time he’s EVER done that. I can see the man in the boy that we’re raising, and, again, it makes me sad, and yet extremely proud.

For his birthday we headed to the mountain near us – it’s a huge ski resort and is becoming even larger, as some Chinese businessmen are investing millions of dollars to put in a new hotel, a new golf course, a new indoor water park, and a new indoor ice rink. The ice rink is regulation hockey size, so it’s BIG, and it’s like nothing we have around here. Toad really wanted to go ice skating for his birthday, and fortunately they have a birthday package that we could take advantage of.

He invited a few of his friends and we hit the ice! After scarfing down some pizza, of course. Toad almost instantly remembered how to skate, and Babygirl did great too, although she had to tell me a dozen times that she fell “five times mom, only five!” But there were a few kids there who hadn’t skated very much before, so I tugged on my kick-ass skates (I STILL LOVE THEM!) and got into the fray. Wow, fastest ice I’ve EVER been on, and I’m lucky that I didn’t drop to the ground as well!

All in all, from what they told me, the kids had a blast. Toad said that it was his “BEST BIRTHDAY least so far”, and the boy we had riding with us echoed the sentiment. He loved the presents he got (and the money), and we were happy that the birthday party was on Sunday, because Monday was his actual birthday so it made the whole thing seem like a 2 day long celebration for Toad, which he definitely deserves.

Now we’re moving onto the holiday season. I never think too much about Christmas, aside from buying presents, until after Toad’s birthday. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be celebrating Christmas and Toad’s birthday at the same time. It’s his day and I want it to stay that way. But now we get to go get a tree, decorate, and my favorite part – bake delicious, fattening cookies! Yeah, like I need to get fatter…ugh.


One Response to “Toad’s Birthday!!”

  1. Megan December 9, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    Happy Birthday, Toad!

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