Most Relaxing Weekend Since Disney

17 Jan

Originally this weekend we had plans. Saturday night our friends were supposed to come over and to play poker. We’ve made a concerted effort in the last few months to start doing things more with other adults. And it’s been HEAVENLY. It’s SO nice to have a large enough house that we can have friends come over. We have a few sets of couples come to the house and we play poker while our kids hang out and goof off. That’s what we were doing New Years Eve and it was one of the best New Years Eves in my memory.

But for some reason I wasn’t in the mood to have everyone over on Saturday. I contacted our friends and postponed the poker game until this coming weekend, explaining that I really wanted to spend some alone time with Scott. Anyone who has young children knows that it’s not easy to find time to spend alone when you’ve got young children. Both sets of couples were absolutely fine with rearranging things and so our weekend of complete relaxation began.

Well, maybe not thoroughly complete. Babygirl and her friend, Rosemary (NOT her real name) had arranged for Rosemary to spend the night…without talking to either sets of parents. Fortunately we figured things out by Thursday and agreed that it was fine for Rosemary to try to spend the night here. It was her first night spending the night at a friend’s house. I didn’t think she’d make it, as Rosemary is definitely someone who loves her home, but she did! I praised her up the next morning and we celebrated with cinnamon buns. We played outside (see the picture on the top of the post? That’s what happens when Toad challenges Dad to slide down the hill like he’s snowboarding. What I DIDN’T get was him falling on his ass at the bottom! TWICE! LOL) and had a blast until noon when her dad came to pick her up.

The rest of Saturday we didn’t do too much. But Scott showed that he loved me by doing something utterly incomprehensible…he played Beatles Rock Band.

Scott likes Rock Band well enough, but he’s NOT a Beatles Fan – he bought that for me last year at Christmas, and honestly I think he’s only played it with me a few times. But on Saturday he sat down and drummed a couple of songs for me, so that I could rock it out on the guitar like the rock hero that I am. It was AWESOME, and I thanked him for it.

So what was so important for us to do Saturday night? Eat bad food and watch a movie together. Yup – we didn’t have anything huge planned, because we still had the monkeys at home, but we both felt like we wanted to spend a bit of quiet time with each other, where we could stay up late and fall asleep on the couch if we wanted. It’s amazing how heavenly that sounds after a week of normal life.

I LOVED the day. I LOVED the night, and I loved Sunday morning even more – he cooked me BREAKFAST! Scott very rarely does that, only if it’s some sort of special occasion. I was so super shocked and SO appreciative, even if the breakfast definitely wasn’t gourmet. The fact that he’d move his tushie in the AM enough to even make me breakfast was definitely something I appreciated.

And last night we headed to my mother’s for dinner – something we do very rarely. Again, awesome. Food was delicious, the fact that I didn’t have to cook it even better, and we all had lots of laughs.

All in all this was the most relaxing weekend I’ve had since our Disney trip.

Now it’s time to gear up and to get ready to fight the school system, as once again they want to combine Toad’s class simply because it’s so small, going from a 3/4 class to a 4/5 class with a whole different teacher. *sigh*.


2 Responses to “Most Relaxing Weekend Since Disney”

  1. pinkpiddypaws January 17, 2011 at 2:39 pm #

    Scott needs to lace up his boots! *snicker* Sounds like heaven to me! Nothing like a good day with your sweetie to make the world seem a better place.

  2. scootersbabygirl January 18, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    LOL, he NEVER ties up those boots! Those are his “shoveling” boots. Not to be confused with his hunting boots or his work boots. And then there are his work sneakers and his dress sneakers and his dress shoes, and, of course, the slip-on shoes for going outside to deal with the dogs in the summer.

    The man has more shoes and boots than I do!!

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