Book Review: The Tourist

18 Jan

One of the best things about my brand spanking new Kindle? That I’m able to have a book on tap whenever I feel like reading. Recently I was privileged enough to be chosen to review ebooks before they’re published. Being a complete book lover, I jumped at the chance. So you’ll now be seeing book reviews on my site on a regular basis – yay!

The first ebook I’m reviewing isn’t one that will suit everyone. It’s actually an erotic novella, and one that features gay sex. I’ll have to admit that this is the first time I’ve read this type of work. I’ve read erotica before, but never gay or lesbian erotica, but as a lover of all things written, I know that the most important thing is the story and the emotion that comes out of the story.

The Tourist is a tale of a Traveler named Ace. A Traveler is a spirit who is able to jump into the bodies of others. Ace isn’t able to control his host, it’s not like he’s the puppet-master by any means. He’s more like a subconscious audio CD. He pushes the people he’s in to do things that they’re subconsciously like to do but refrain from doing. Basically, he’s spirit vodka.

Ace’s main goal in afterlife is to experience sexual pleasure. He loves every bit of it (any why wouldn’t he?!) and so he spends his time jumping from one body to another, gaining all sorts of experiences. This time he’s jumped into a man named Dan. Dan is a carpenter who is currently in a relationship with a bartender named Ricky. Ace decides this time that he’s not only going to enjoy Dan as a host, but that he’ll enjoy Ricky as well. Things get tricky, however, when some unforeseen things start to happen.

The Pros: An easy, quick read. Nothing’s too complicated, and yet nothing’s dumbed down. Experiencing these characters from Ace’s eyes, as someone who simply jumps into the body, is actually very enlightening. While the sex scenes are very hot, the story is about so much more. It truly shows that we are who we are due to our circumstances and the experiences that we’ve had. I found myself contemplating what made me who I am today, something that I never expected to happen after reading an erotic novel.

The Cons: This is not a book for everyone, simply due to the fact that the sex scenes are extremely hot and they feature same sex couples.

Now that the disclaimer’s done with (again), I can honestly say that the only real fault that I found was that there weren’t more of those steamy hot scenes. I know this is a novella, but it really made me interested in reading more of Clare London‘s work. The fact that she managed, in the very short amount of time that she had, to get me hot and bothered at one end, and then to actually care about the characters in the other (including, of course, Ace), is simply astounding.

Conclusion: If you’re able to open your mind up enough to give an erotic novella a chance, one that features same-sex couples, I’d strongly suggest this novella. It’s a great quick read but it also has much more depth than I ever thought it would.

You’ll be able to find The Traveler through the Carina Press site, as well as through other e-book sellers, at the end of February.


2 Responses to “Book Review: The Tourist”

  1. Clare London February 21, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    Thank you so much for the review, I’m thrilled you decided to take the step to review a type of story you hadn’t considered before. And that you enjoyed it! 🙂

    I loved “basically, he’s spirit vodka”. Ace would like that description :).

    Thanks again for your time and attention.

  2. RICHIEDRENZ July 4, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    Though I am not a fan of gay sex but hypocritically loves lesbian sex, i think i love the story based on your reviews. Gonna check out some of Clare London’s work now. I think thats what erotica has been missing so much, depth, plots and theme.

    I think her theme is strongly universial in trying to identify what situations makes us who we are today. Hats off to Clare. I have excerpts of my erotic memoir on my blog and I give it a theme. I wish more erotic writers would be as solid as Claire and we as erotic writers would be getting the respect we deserve and not just seen as obscene literature.

    Thanks for posting a review. Great blog site by the way!

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