Sorry, Lemme Unbury Myself From Under This Here Snow

10 Feb

As someone who’s lived in Vermont my entire life, lemme say this: AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Okay, I’m back now. I’ve lived here my whole life – sad, but true, and it’s been a long time since we’ve had a winter like this. This winter has been storm after storm after storm. It’s created snow banks that are taller than I am. The above picture? That was after our last major snowstorm. It’s kinda hard to tell but there’s at least six inches of snow on the ground that has to be shoveled in that pic. Six inches doesn’t seem like too much, right? Until you pile six more inches on top of it. Then six more inches on top of that. Then six MORE inches on top of that – you get my drift (hah, no pun intended), right?

And that snow was a heavy snow – the kind of snow that can break your back shoveling. My lower back, honestly, is STILL sore from shoveling. Course it doesn’t help that I have a fairly sedentary job. But yeah, heavy snow. We shoveled that one for over an hour and we barely made a dent. Then we discovered that our neighbor has a Kaboda (one of those machines that takes the snow off of sidewalks) and that he LOVES to play around with it and would LOVE to come clean our driveway.


So now the banks are huge – so big, in fact, that Toad and Babygirl have dug a huge cave that has a tunnel offshoot. As long as it doesn’t get covered with more snow, they’re going to keep digging. I’m all for mindless fun that tires their little bodies out!

This snow has brought with it something else that I haven’t had in a long time – a chill. There’s a chill in your house when you get up. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing flannel, you’re still cold. I’ve met people in town who have said the same thing, and they have wood stoves, so you know that their homes are warm enough. Once you take a shower and get going, you get warm, but if you’re not moving much (hello sedentary job), that chill just sticks with you. And it’s annoying.

In other news I’ve started a new blog! I love reviewing books that aren’t available yet, but I didn’t want to clutter up my whole blog with them, so you can now find my book reviews over at True Reviewing, where I’ll be just as witty and fun there as I am here…maybe more so.

Please, hold the applause.


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