Valentine’s Day = Epic Fail

15 Feb

I love romance. I read cheesy romance novels, I love romantic movies, and I especially love romantic songs. So you’d think that Valentine’s Day would be my holiday of choice, right?

You’d be wrong.

As a friend reminded me today: you never know if you’re going to wake up and have the most amazing day of your life, or have an epic fail kinda day. It was definitely the epic fail kind of day.

Lemme go back: finances have been a bit, well, strained these last few months, an in order to make sure that they didn’t get MORE strained, and that we could afford to get oil for the tank, I told Scott that I wanted a Valentine’s day where we spent very little money on each other. Where we did homemade kind of things. He agreed.

So I went all out. I downloaded a crapload of songs and made him a sappy romantic CD that even had our picture LightScribed on the front of it. I went down to visit him during lunch time at his work and took him somewhere secluded in my van so we could…play chess. Family may be reading this so I’m sticking with playing chess. Then I came home and cleaned almost all of the house, making it spotless for the man who LOVES a clean house. When he got home I gave him another CD, this one had instructions to put in the computer and to listen with the headphones on. It was a video of me talking to him telling him how much I love him, WHY I love him, and how much our relationship means to me. You know, in case I get run over by a train or something. Then I made his favorite dinner, Chicken Divan, which is really a pain in the butt to make.

It was at this point that I started to feel depressed. So far he’d shown me no signs that it was Valentine’s day other than the card he’d written for me for when I got up (which I loved and read a few times today). He could tell during dinner that I was a bit subdued, but I wasn’t going to get mad. Sad? Yes. Disappointed? HELL to the yes. But it’s no reason to pick a huge fight. I just felt like I wanted a little bit of distance from him.

Which didn’t go over well. Later I entered the kitchen to find 2 Chunky bars wrapped with a ribbon on the table. This would’ve been really sweet except that 1: he always buys me Chunky bars. 2: My fat ass doesn’t need more candy. 3: there was no sign of him doing anything else except for that. So I politely thanked him for the candy bars and told him it was “really nice”, then got busy playing with the kids and doing the end-of-night things.

After they went to bed he tells me that he wanted to “make me a bath”. I thanked him politely but told him that I really wasn’t in the mood. I’m not a bath person – why do you want to sit in your own dirt? I like showers MUCH better.

So now we’re at an impasse. I’m typing away on my keyboard, he’s sulking in the living room.

Valentine’s Day? Sometimes I hate you.


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day = Epic Fail”

  1. Jaime February 15, 2011 at 5:29 am #

    I hate to play devil’s advocate, but… Think like a man. Literally. Your woman has just told you ‘don’t spend a lot of money this Valentine’s Day’. He’s given you something small, homemade and that he knows you like (rather than taking a chance on something you don’t like). Isn’t that kind of what you asked for?

    And, please don’t hate me for this one, but I do recall a certain someone saying she was so jealous when I talked about my husband running a candlelit bath for me…

    Maybe there was something about that bath that was going to be the, ahem, climax of the evening?

    *ducks the rock throwing*

  2. Megan February 15, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    I’m gonna have to agree with Jaime on this one. Things you did were wonderful and romantic, but you said yourself that you are romantic. Is he? Chances are the big romantic gesture just didn’t occur to him.

    The things you did for him you did because you wanted to, right? Not because you expected something in kind?

    If you really want him to make a grand romantic gesture and he isn’t the romantic type you just have to tell him that you’d like it – and that it doesn’t have to cost money, etc.

    I’m sorry you were disappointed. xo

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