Making Memories

23 Feb

Can you tell that Babygirl LOVES Stitch?

One of the biggest things that I learned on our trip to Disney in October, aside from the fact that medication makes flying much easier, is that I want to make more memories with my children. I actually had one of those “ah ha” moments during our trip and realized that we don’t really make much of an effort to make memories in our home.

When I think back to my childhood, there are a number of things that I remember. My grandmother, of course, is one of the most prominent people in my memories, as I think grandparents should be. They get all the fun and don’t have to do the disciplining! I remember cooking with her, especially making donuts, and simply talking with her while we sat around her round kitchen table. I remember how much fun she’d make a power outage be, and how she and I were some of the only people we knew who actually liked to play Monopoly. We’d start a game on the dining room table and then leave it there, sometimes for days, playing whenever we had the opportunity.

But we can’t afford to bring the children to Disney every year, and I realized that there were lots of things we could do to make memories that didn’t even cost a penny. Take vacation – the kids are on vacation until next Wednesday, and there are a few things that I tend to do with them on vacation that hopefully they’ll remember as they’re older. One is PJ day, where we stay in our PJ’s all day and have a picnic in the living room. They LOVE having a picnic in the living room, and, to tell you the truth, so do I.

Babygirl and I always bake during vacation, and Toad and I always play copious amounts of video games. Fortunately there’s now someone else who shares my love of Monopoly – Toad. He loves to play Monopoly but we tend to play on the computer simply because you can’t leave a Monopoly board up in my house without one of the cats deciding that the little movers make excellent chew toys.

A few weeks ago we went out and dug a huge tunnel, and the other day I took them to the school to go sliding even though the wind was nipping through our clothing. Scott loves to get down on the ground and to wrestle with the kids, and he always has them help him do little chores around the house.

I wonder if these are the types of memories that my children will remember when they grow older. I hope they are.


One Response to “Making Memories”

  1. Nancy at Coneflower Ranch February 23, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    Thanks for bringing back some cherished memories from my childhood. My grandmother would take my sister and I to her cabin in the mountains and we’d play board games for days, including Monopoly, Life, and Mystery Date as well as puzzles. Great days. 🙂

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