Of Pride and Prejudice

14 Mar


I am so proud of a number of things that happened this weekend. Firstly, my family.

My step-dad’s 60th birthday was Friday, so a plan had been put into action to host a surprise party for him. Actually, two surprise parties. Party #1 was here at my house (parties are generally here simply because we have a big house and enough room for all the kids to run around in). So where does the pride come in.

My Husband – Firstly Scott. I was so, so proud of my husband this weekend. Firstly because he helped me when it came to gathering supplies. He dropped me and the kids off at the grocery store then hit up the bank and two other stores to get stuff that we needed while the kids and I were grocery shopping.

Then he came home, helped me to put groceries away, and then helped me to make 5 dozen finger rolls – crab meat, egg salad, tuna, and spam.

But wait, there’s more. Saturday morning, after he’d worked overtime 4 hours, he came home and helped to clean the house while I ran off to cover a news story. He even went to pick up one of my step-sisters after I got back, and, of course, helped to keep things under control during the party.

MY KIDS – Friday when we went grocery shopping they got into the spirit of what I like to call “quickie shopping”. They almost raced through the stores with me and helped me to get everything on my list. Then, when we got home, they both kept themselves amused while Scott and I made the finger sandwiches.

But Saturday morning is when the two of them really showed me how amazing they are. Both of them helped me to clean the house while Daddy was working. But first Babygirl and Toad helped me to make guacamole, which they loved doing. Although neither of them liked the onions! But they picked up their stuff and helped by using the shop-vac in the kitchen and dining room. Toad even dusted the entertainment center!

MYSELF – Even though I had a LOT to do in just a few days, with Scott’s help I managed to keep my cool and to get everything that needed to be done, done. With their help, of course.


Sunday morning there was a knock at the door. It was the state game warden. apparently someone had seen two husky’s running after deer. In Vermont if you see dogs chasing deer, you can legally shoot them. He explained that if he knew that our dogs were chasing deer, we’d get a warning, and that if, after the warning, he saw them off of our property, we’d get a $200 fine. For each dog. Each time he saw them off the property. That could amount to some serious dollars seriously quickly.

We explained that we do our best to keep our dogs under control, and that they are good dogs. Every once in awhile one of them does run off, but they come back quickly and, again, we do everything that we can to make sure that they don’t, and they get disciplined when they do run off. And for those who would suggest underground electronic fences? They don’t work with malamutes or husky’s. The breed is too independent – they’ll take the shock every time.

We finally had to prove to the agent that our dogs were both home, and even though we explained to him three or four times that they’re not husky’s, they’re malamutes. Once he saw them the words out of his mouth were.

“Wow – um, how big are they? You’re sure they’re only 75 lbs? They look bigger. I’d mistake them for husky’s. Yeah, they’re big. Sure they’re only 75 lbs? I’d take them at bigger.”

No, meanie, they’re not husky’s, they’re malamutes. And YES I know for a fact they’re 75 lbs because I just took one of them to the vet for an ear infection and he was weighed there.

Oh, yeah, and there’s about 10 feet of snow outside that the dogs can barely get through – you expect them to have chased deer in it? Kind of impossible, especially since they were both at home at the time. Talk about prejudice!!! I always thought that the only dog prejudices out there were based on dogs that were “supposedly” violent, like pit bulls and doberman’s, but apparently there are prejudices about husky’s and malamutes out there as well.

Here’s a hint: just because they’re black and white doesn’t mean that malamutes look like wolves.

THIS is a wolf:

THIS is a malamute:

Any questions?



One Response to “Of Pride and Prejudice”

  1. Cherie April 18, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    I think it’s cute how Scott and the dog both have their heads tilted the same way!

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