Lest I Speak Too Soon

30 Mar

A few days ago I made the remark that I was finding happiness.

When will I learn to shut my mouth?!

Almost immediately after that post Toad’s little sleeping problem jumped into a LARGE sleeping problem. Suddenly he wasn’t able to sleep. AT ALL. And if the kid can’t sleep, mom can’t sleep, which made both Toad and I oh so much fun to be around for a time. We wound up seeking medical help for it, because, seriously, the sleeping problem was nuts. I felt so bad for him – he wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t. He’d try and try to go to sleep, which just made the problem worse. I worked with him on some relaxation techniques (mom sometimes has problems sleeping too) but they didn’t seem to help. We put him on Melatonin which seemed to help for a time, then we found out he had an ear infection (he got the infection AFTER the sleeping issue started, so it wasn’t a factor really).

The doctor put him on antibiotics. She said she would likely have let it go as it was probably healing itself, but with his not sleeping it was making things worse. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that the antibiotics actually reacted AGAINST the melatonin, because suddenly he was having an even more difficult time sleeping. Last Friday night he and I were up from 11 pm until 3 am. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, it sucked. For some reason it’s much easier to be calm around a non-sleeping infant than it is around a non-sleeping 10 year old.

Saturday night, after two nights of under 4 hours of sleep each, I caved and gave him some Benedryl. Oh, heaven. We both slept beautifully. I continued giving him Benedryl on Sat and Sunday evening, and then tried to trick him on Monday night. I gave him a placebo instead of giving him a real “sleeping” pill. Annnddd it didn’t work. He was up, so I gave him the Benedryl again.

Last night I knew that I couldn’t give him any more Benedryl. I don’t need an addicted kid! I gave him the Melatonin again and talked with him about different relaxation techniques. I told him to NOT worry about sleeping, but to just focus on trying to relax.


I think he and I are both starting to catch up on our sleep. He actually got out of bed this morning without me having to drag him bodily from the bed, and even though he didn’t want to go to school, he was in a really good mood. And I feel so much better this morning as well.

Sleep is important – who knew?


One Response to “Lest I Speak Too Soon”

  1. Miss Emm April 8, 2011 at 3:52 am #

    Poor mamma

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