10 May

A LOT has been going on lately, and I’m actually very stressed out today. This may be TMI, but Sunday, after seven long months, Aunt Flo visited. Now imagine not having Aunt Flo for seven months and then suddenly getting her again. yeah, it’s not pretty, and it hurts. BADLY. I spent all day yesterday curled up with a heating pad and craving grease. Thankfully my wonderful husband got me some grease (in the form of a Baconator) and loaded me up with Ibuprofen.

A long time ago I was accused of being judgmental. At that time, I was being a little judgmental, and since then I’ve readjusted my attitude and have come to realize that there are many different forms of living and that I shouldn’t judge people.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have opinions, and today I have a very, very strong opinion.

Someone I know is going to be giving birth very shortly. This person is someone I’ve known for a long time. Now having a baby should be a joyous occasion, right? This birth, though, I don’t see as joyous. You see, the woman giving birth to her first child has no job, or any way to make a living. She’s living on state assistance and has been from the very beginning, with no desire or drive to make a living on her own.

Her baby’s father also has very little drive. He, quite frankly, is an ass, and he already has a child that he isn’t taking care of.

So the baby is on it’s way, and lots of people are being joyful about the occasion.

I’m not.

I see parents who are relying on the system to care for them and their children, and it drives me crazy. I see potential that has never been tapped into, and likely never will. I see a train wreck that’s going to be happening within a year, likely, and no one else does.

I hope this baby doesn’t follow in it’s parents footsteps. Quite honestly I hope that the mother wakes up and is able to get her shit together, but unfortunately I don’t see that happening.

Am I judgmental? I’ve said nothing to the family. I also haven’t pretended to be happy about the situation, but I’ve never said anything mean or rude about things.

Am I judgmental? Or do I just disagree with good reason?


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