20 Jul

Babygirl had her best friend and her best friend’s sister over today. The best friend is the short one in the middle. She was absolutely stoked to see her because she hasn’t seen her in over a month, which to a 7 year old is FFFFOOORRRREEEEEVVVEEERRRRR…..

They’ve had a great time playing today, even though it was too hot to go outside except for in the morning. They’ve played hide and seek and made a fort and now they’re all together playing some game on their DS’s. This may not seem abnormal – two seven years old’s being best friends – but when you factor in that the two of them have been best friends since the age of three, things change.

Yes, they were three years old when they first met. And while I know BFF’s parents, we don’t really hang out or anything. Nope, BFF knows Babygirl from preschool. They both attended the same preschool for two years and have been together and inseparable ever since. Like all girls they’ve had little fights, and I distinctly remember a time in preschool when Babygirl cried because she thought that BFF didn’t like her anymore, but throughout it all they’ve stuck together through thick and thin.

Whenever I see them together it warms my heart. Will they be friends to high school? Likely as neither we nor BFF’s parents have any plans to go anywhere. But things may change after that. See in our district the children can go to either one of two high schools, and since BFF’s mother works in the other high school, it’s likely that she will go there, while Babygirl will likely go to the other high school. And even if they do go to the same high school things often change once teenagers hit that magical place.

It makes me think of my friends. I know a lot of people, but I have only a few friends that I consider best friends. One is my sister-in-law, whom is the newest “BFF”. Another I met in college. The third I met in high school.

I still have wonderful friends from both high school and graded school, but these three amazing women are the ones that I would call if I needed something. Of the three I know that they would all try to be there for me in a heartbeat, as I would for them.

I hope that Babygirl and BFF remain friends. I hope that their friendship is something that they can rely upon as they grow older, just as I relied upon my friends and still do.

(And did you notice Babygirl rockin’ the fingerless glove? Our neighbor’s oldest daughter made a pair for each kid and they’ve been unable to part with them since – they’re single-handedly bringing back the 80’s!)


One Response to “Friendships”

  1. Cinderella July 21, 2011 at 3:55 am #

    Long lasting friendships are precious. Hope that it works out that way for Babygirl and BFF 🙂

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