Fun Weekend

25 Jul

Saturday I spent – well – working. It’s not unusual, I’ve been doing it a lot lately. Sunday, however, I decided that enough was enough and even though I had a few articles to get out of the way first, I decided that we’d head to the large city near us to party.

The large city is actually 1 1/2 hours away, and by party I mean “go to Wal-Mart and hit up an arcade place”, but the kids were stoked.

Wal-Mart was, well, Wal-Mart, and the only thing we purchased that would look strange was a new booster seat. Our neighbor has some Japanese friends coming to visit in a few days and they needed a seat for the youngest of the family.

What was really fun, though, was the arcade place. This arcade place has indoor mini golf, laser tag, and tons of games where you can win tickets to purchase prizes. You know how it goes: spent $20 to get a $2 prize. But the kids love it and they’ve been great about me working so much lately. And I found a “buy one, get one free” admission thing for mini-golf, so yay :).

What we didn’t expect was to have the change machine spitting out at us. The arcade has moved onto plastic cards, so instead of putting quarters into the machine, you swipe your card. Then if you want tokens (because some game machines still use them) you have to swipe the card to get tokens. Scott had been getting tokens for this weird game where you put the coin into the slot and it goes onto a rotating, colorful record disc. A stable plastic piece makes the token move to the end of the record and then it passes under a scanner so it can tell how many tokens you’ve earned. You have to get the coin EXACTLY on the thing to win, especially if you’re talking about the jackpot. Scott and Babygirl both won the jackpot once, the stinkers.

Then we walked past one of the token machines, one that gives you 20 tokens, and suddenly 20 tokens popped out! Wow! Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we snagged them up and headed back to the machine, but before we could get two steps away, 20 more tokens popped out! Holy Moly! We entrusted most of our coins to Scott and Babygirl because, obviously, they have way more luck than Toad and I do. And sure enough they won a few more times, so the kids were totally able to raid the prize section.

Babygirl picked a cute lock-up diary, slinky, and a bracelet-pen.

Toad picked some candy, a slap bracelet, and some handcuffs.

The selection of handcuffs show that he is turning out to be exactly like his father!!

Today Toad’s headed to his first day of Tech Camp – he gets to go for three hours and to play with computers, his dream. One of his friends from school will be there and when you add that to tech-fun? You get NERDGASM. He’s stoked 🙂


2 Responses to “Fun Weekend”

  1. Cinderella July 25, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Sounds like the kids really had fun at the arcade palace this weekend.

    I used to be fascinated with the idea of handcuffs until my bf at the time, a LT. let me put his on while he was taking me on a ride-along one night. My wrists were tiny so they were ratched all the way down – They were heavy and after about 5 minutes they hurt and that pretty much ended thinking they were toys. Yuck – For the badguys only!

    Toad should have a fabulous day today at Tech Camp – I’m jealous!

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