9 Aug

See that photo? That’s my son and my neighbor – who is teaching my son how to use an abacus. And he actually understood how to use it. I’m still astounded by that. They tried to show me – I so didn’t get it. Yeah, numbers are NOT my forte.


One Response to “Abacus”

  1. Cinderella August 10, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    How kind of her to teach him – and I bet he had fun learning it!

    I’m not good at math either – still count on my fingers or depend on a calculator:)

    And because of your giveaway post, I made certain that whenever somebody wins one of my giveaways and e-mails me, I ask them to post a comment that they have received it:) That way other people know it is for real!

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