So Incredibly Blessed

17 Aug

I know I’ve complained on here before – isn’t that what a blog is for? To say exactly how you’re feeling no matter whether it’s good/bad/ugly? But in the past few days I have felt so incredibly blessed that I’ve been stunned speechless.

Yes, it can happen.

Of course it all started with Scott’s amazing birthday surprise, but the surprises didn’t end there.

Our wonderful neighbors called and asked to take us all out to dinner for my birthday. The dinner was delightful and the company was wonderful! There were 9 of us as their (and our) friends from Japan were visiting as well. The mother and her two daughters will be here for another 9 days or so and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them all (I’ll post pics soon, I promise!). I was beyond grateful for the dinner, but they didn’t stop there.

Our Japanese friend had 2 books sent from Japan for me! One teaches you how to write in Japanese and another shows you how to make gorgeous Bento boxes. Of course they’re both in Japanese so I guess I’d best get learning!

And then our neighbors, who have become like family to us, gave me a huge present – one that I’m still in shock over and still feel unworthy of.

I’ve complained before about how I don’t fit into my family, and the truth is that I don’t. Go to a family gathering and you’ll see that I stick out like a sore thumb (on EITHER side of the family!) But what I didn’t realize until the past few days is that I’ve built my own family. With Scott, the kids, my mother, great friends, and then those other special friends who have more or less adopted us into their lives, I feel as though I finally fit in somewhere.

And there is no better gift than that.


2 Responses to “So Incredibly Blessed”

  1. Megan August 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Yay! So happy for you.

  2. Cinderella August 18, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Fitting in is a fabulous gift – I am happy for you:)

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