Two Months

20 Dec

Wow – that is definitely the most amount of time I’ve stayed away from this blog since I started it. I’m actually glad that I took a little break, though. There were a lot of things going on – some of them work related and other family related – and I’m very glad that I had some time to relax and to enjoy my family.

So let me catch you up – what’s been happening lately? Toad is doing beautifully in school, which is a huge weight off my back. He had such a rough spring that the fact that he actually enjoys his classmates and most of his classes makes us very, very happy. 

Babygirl is just as smart as ever – she is in 2nd grade and her reading skills were tested recently and she’s reading at a beginning 4th grade level. The little stinker. She’s having some difficulty with math, however, so Scott’s going to start working with her in order to make sure that she doesn’t wind up like me, petrified of numbers! 

Scott’s doing beautifully as well. We recently discovered that those Breathe Right nose strips really help him to get deep asleep at night and that gives him much more energy, so he’s really happy about that!

I’ve been doing good. Babygirl was sick a few days ago and I seemed to have the crud yesterday, but feeling better today. I’m all excited for Christmas. The monkeys are getting pretty much everything on their Christmas list this year so that makes me very, very happy. While I don’t try to spend a fortune on Christmas, I do feel it’s important to get them the things that they REALLY want, and this year it was the 3DS. I also got Scott a great present and I can’t wait to watch him open it and HOPE he loves it!

I’ll start writing more – I miss writing for relaxation, and now that I’m using a dictating software my hands are getting a little break so it’s a lot easier. I may even start that novel I’ve been wanting to start!! 


One Response to “Two Months”

  1. MrsRobbieD (@MrsRobbieD) December 21, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    🙂 Missed ya!

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