Seeing Things Differently

30 Jan

Okay, so it’s not every day but it’s a lot sooner than a month!

Did I tell you yet that I’m running an after school program at my children’s school? I’ve done it before but this time I get to teach photography. PHOTOGRAPHY! To a bunch of 5 – 8th graders! The above photo is one that Babygirl took during the last class. The challenge for the kids? Find letters in architecture around the school. I was amazed with the things that they saw, including this large H that Babygirl found. I pass by this hallway almost every day when I get the kids and I’d never noticed the H.

I know a few people who are going through some identity issues lately. I have some advice for them – “celebrate yourself”. Now hang on Randi, you’re thinking, you’re always on yourself about how your self-esteem sucks and how you hate how you look.

True! BUT when it comes to who I am internally? I’m great.

I wasn’t always happy with myself and my attitude – I had a lot of growing pains and Scott helped me to discover myself a huge deal. One of the biggest things that I realized a few years ago is that I’m different. I’m very different. I don’t see things the way that a lot of people do, and for a long time that bothered me. Now, I celebrate it.

I love that I’m able to see things a bit differently than a lot of my family members can. I remember driving down the road one day a few years ago with my mother and husband in the car. I let out a “ooooh – OMG!” and they both turned to me, worried, and said “what?!”

“It’s just – gorgeous!” I pointed towards the scenery. There was an old, half-broken down farmhouse on the left side of the dirt road, some telephone poles (the only blight in the picture – I get so annoyed with telephone lines!) gorgeous hills and a sun that hadn’t quite gotten to the point of setting yet.

Their response? “Oh – yeah – I guess.”

In VT we’re almost constantly surrounded by beauty – there are mountains all around us and we have a lot of lakes and rivers and streams. Many of the people who live here simply pass by all of the beauty without giving it a second thought. I tend to see it and to focus on it. When I’m driving I actually have to focus on nothing but the road because if I start looking at scenery I’ll veer off the road – seriously! I’ve gotten yelled at by people for not waving to them when they passed me. I can’t look at people who pass me as I lose focus too easily.

I love running the after school program. I love seeing things that the kids are seeing. I think as we grow we tend to get more of a tunnel vision. We focus on providing for our family and work and cleaning and on the things that we HAVE to do, while thinking about the things that we wish we were doing instead, and completely miss the beauty that surrounds us. Because no matter if you live in a large city, or a small town, there is beauty all around you. I’d love to see what beauty you see every day.

And to those who commented on the last post – THANK YOU! I didn’t get notified by WordPress so I’m going to do some investigating and hopefully I’ll receive any other comments so that I can respond quickly!


2 Responses to “Seeing Things Differently”

  1. Megan January 30, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    You think like a photographer. Everything is a picture. I get all weird like that about light and shadows.

  2. scootersbabygirl January 31, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    Whenever someone calls me a photographer, I cringe. I don’t feel worthy of that title!

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