New Normal

16 Feb

That smiling? Lasted about three days. Turns out one of the side effects of Wellbutrin (one I apparently didn’t realize) is a euphoric feeling. No wonder I acted like a 12 year old on speed for a few days. This past weekend I crashed a bit, although things definitely didn’t get as bad as they were a few weeks ago!

So I’m looking for a new normal. I know it’ll take another week or two for things to even out perfectly, and I’m hanging on and waiting eagerly for things to be even. Now I’m dealing with some nausea from the increase in meds. I’m thinking about changing the time I take them, from the morning to the night, in hopes that I don’t have to deal with feeling “icky” anymore, because feeling “icky” is, well, ICKY!

In other news Scott was amazing for Valentine’s day. He fed the kids a quickie meal and then, once they were in bed, made me chicken stuffed with cream cheese and crabmeat – one of my favorites. The table was all decked out and he served me while I sat there. He also got dessert in the form of Ben & Jerry’s! Yum!

What did I do for him? I went down and visited him at lunch with a chocolate treat. I also left a box of candy for him on the table (I had photography group that afternoon). And I made him this…

The song is “I’m Already Loving You Too Much”, by Kevin Sharp. It’s the first song we really connected with and was also our wedding song. It is definitely our song.


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