26 Mar

It’s been a long few weeks.

On the good side: the studio is 1/2 done! Almost all of the equipment is here and I’m really excited for the lighting, which should arrive in a few days.

On the bad side: I’ve been sick for over a week. Last week I had a seriously bad sore throat. The next thing I knew I had no voice – as in NO VOICE. I’m slowly getting it back but I sound like a teenage boy going through puberty right now.

On the annoying side: since I’ve had no voice the one thing I’ve heard over and over again is “you husband must be LOVING this” and other comments like “Randi? With no voice? THAT I have to see!” Maybe I’m just being fragile or overly sensitive but it’s making me feel like I talk far, far too much, and making me want to stop talking at all.

On the other bad side: Scott and I are on the outs right now. We had a bit of a go two nights ago, then yesterday called a truce and went to see The Hunger Games together. Last night found us worse off than we were the night before. I woke up to a long note from him this morning, but once again he thinks he knows what the problem is and he’s actually pretty off. This means I have to explain to him why I’m upset, and with my husband that means whacking him upside the head with it 10 different ways before he finally understands. I am NOT saying that my husband is stupid – not at all – but what he IS is stubborn. He gets something in his head and once he believes it, it takes a LOT of talking and maneuvering to get him to realize that what he thought was true may not necessarily be.

And oh look – a lovely email just popped up in my inbox from someone who is pissed off at me too. Great.

Monday – go suck it.


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