The Birthday Boy

6 Apr

Dear Scott,

You’re coming home at noon today, and while I love any day you get to come home early, today I’m really excited. Why? Because it’s your birthday!! When we first got together you weren’t a huge birthday person. You had no problem celebrating the children’s birthdays but you thought that an adult birthday was sort of silly. “It’s just another day”, you would say.

Slowly you started to realize that a birthday isn’t just another day, but is actually a very, VERY special day. It’s the one day out of 365 that you can call your own. The last few years you have created some amazing birthdays for me, and I so, SO appreciate it. You’re always way better than I am when it comes to birthdays and Christmas – probably because you break the bank every time and get mad at me if *I* break the bank on you, so I’ve had to get creative.

I’ve got a few little surprises up my sleeve today, starting at 12 when some XXX action may be happening…insert evil grin here…and goes into tonight. We’re celebrating with the kids, and alone, so hopefully I can give you the best of both as I know you love being a father as much as you love being a husband.

Scott – you are amazing. I’m currently writing a letter that I’m going to leave for you to read before you come inside, which is why I’m keeping this pretty short. As I write it tears of joy are escaping because I realize how amazingly fortunate I am to have a man like you in my life.

I love you Scott.

Happy birthday.


2 Responses to “The Birthday Boy”

  1. Megan Gordon April 6, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Happy Birthday, Scott! Have fun kids… 😉


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