Babygirl’s Oreo Birthday

13 Apr

Yesterday Babygirl turned 8.

Hang on while I resign myself to the fact that she’s growing up…

Okay, I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that she’s 8. Okay, maybe not, but we’ll move on.

I had planned on writing a lengthy diatribe about how amazing she is and how much we love her, but then I got sidetracked. I had to pick up balloons and get Wendys to deliver to her at school for lunch as a surprise (which she loved). I had to make a pumpkin roll, get work done, and I was watching a photography class online as well, so trust me when I say I was BUSY!

Babygirl came home from school (in the new outfit she’d gotten to open in the morning) and was excited to open her presents. Once Scott got home I told her that I’d love to give her presents but she needed to do a few quick birthday shots in the studio for me. The studio door is always shut to keep the cats (and kids) out, and when she opened it she saw something special…

Meet Oreo! Babygirl’s been going on for awhile about wanting a hamster, and I’ll admit at first Scott was NOT for it. We already have 4 cats and 3 dogs, so I can’t blame him, but come on, it’s a HAMSTER, it’s not like it’s another huge animal. Once I pointed out that Babygirl is a huge help in taking care of the other pets in the house, he relented. Unfortunately I had to drive over an hour away to pick up this little sweetheart simply because our local pet store only has teddy bear hamsters, and these fancy bear hamsters tend to be a lot more gentle than teddy bear hamsters.

Isn’t she cute?

Babygirl also got the Bratz Catz doll she’s been begging for – now this is a huge deal because I have BANNED Bratz from my house. I hate the things. They’re creepy looking and make little girls want to dress like cheap hookers. The Catz dolls aren’t quite as bad as the normal ones, though, and considering that all she asked for was the doll and a hamster, it was kind of hard to refuse.

Last night after we attended a school function we came home and ate a celebratory Chinese dinner. As soon as she was done she darted off to her bedroom to watch Oreo. I sat with her for awhile and we talked about taking care of her and training her. She was pretty upset that Oreo would let me pet her but ran when Babygirl put her hand in the cage. I explained that it made sense because I’ve been working with her for a few days.

This morning Babygirl woke up and immediately went to Oreo’s cage. Oreo was running around and I suggested that Babygirl try to give her a little treat. She’d tried yesterday and Oreo wanted nothing of it. This morning, however, she took it right from Babygirl’s hand!

She turned to me. “MOM! She took it right from my hand! And it only took one day!!”

That huge smile. That look. That excitement. THAT is why I love my Babygirl.

Happy, Happy Birthday Babygirl. You are more amazing than I could ever have hoped that you would be and you make me smile all the time. I can’t wait to see how you and Oreo bond.


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