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Marriage & Computers

9 Jul

Yesterday Scott and I managed to do something that we have never been able to do before.

Get your mind out of the gutter – we have kids, which means we have no sex life.

No, we managed to disconnect and break down mom’s old computer, then haul out the new one and put it together – WITHOUT FIGHTING!

Alright, I exaggerate – we didn’t fight until right before we left. Scott had some brilliant idea about how to make her DSL with Verizon (the first time she’s had anything faster than snail speed) stop making the humming noise on the other phones. He played around with it for two minutes and then the internet didn’t work anymore!

Keep in mind that he helped me get it out and plug it all in, but I did the main setting up/downloading, ect. In 2 minutes he destroyed all that work.

I could’ve killed him!

Fortunately it caught my attention when he mentioned the black phone wire.

“umm – Scott? The phone wire from the modem isn’t black – it’s tan.”

“What?” (as he crawls out and checks because apparently I’m color blind and didn’t know it) “Oh – oh yeah – hang on a sec.”

A minute later he plugs the RIGHT phone line into the wall and voila! The internet’s back.

He’s got one more week of work, then he’ll be off for 2 weeks. Meanwhile one of MY bosses has decided to shut down his operation, so now I’m scrambling trying to find more work…ugh LOL. Anyone wanna hire an awesome freelance writer?!



28 Jun

Everytime Scott touches my laptop (yes, MY laptop), he breaks it!

My mother was here yesterday and said, “I think you’re spoiled.”

Yeah, I’m giving favors to a sugar daddy in the .2 seconds a day that I have to myself in exchange for a laptop. The truth is that *I* am paying for it. Me. Myself.

This is a new concept for me. Ever since Scott and I have been together, he’s been the bread winner. I ended up, through default, staying home. Now I’m making as much as he is.


HOWEVER, this is coming with a high price. I feel guilty if I take a few hours off to watch a movie – I’m feeling guilty because I’m writing this right now instead of working.

And sex? What’s that?

Happy Mother’s Day

13 May
For the mother that went from this:
To this.

You always thought that you weren’t a great mother – but you did it, on your own, and apparently you did something right, as I’m not a druggie or a bum – alright, I talk WAY too much, but that’s not THAT bad, is it?

Thank you for everything, mom. I know we’ve had a really, REALLY rough year, but I know that Gram is watching out for us, and wants us to get along….FINALLY 🙂

I love you.