There Are Pics, I Promise

14 Jul
I need to get my pics uploaded this morning from the camera – suffice to say, we all survived! We even enjoyed ourselves a few times. I came home, however, to:

  • Overcharging from the kennel – okay, when you tell the clerk that you will be dropping your dogs off in the morning and picking them up the next evening (during the only evening hours available for pickup), you would ASSUME that they would let you know that they charge a “daycare” fee for the apparent inconvenience to them. This brought my bill from $31 to $47. Was Randi happy? NO! On top of that, there was still food in the container, which meant that they didn’t feed them the way I told them to (3 cups in the morning, 3 cups at night – how fucking hard is that), and I know they didn’t because I had measured it out perfectly – AND there was the fact that the kennel owner never even wrote down how much to feed them when I told them!
  • Another kennel issue – the boys have something to chew on at night, because they’re still puppies and it has become a ritual with them (which was suggested online by tons of trainers). So we sent some rawhide chews with them – one for each dog. We could see through the window that the kennel owner picked up the plastic bag with the chews in them (and you could tell by the weight of the bag that the chews were still in it) and then put it down and didn’t bring it in to make us think he’d given the puppies the chews. Moron – there’s a window there! HELLO.
  • Kamik came out and peed and peed and peed, making it fairly obvious he hadn’t gone out to go pee in awhile. The good news? He peed in the guys store. Good boy!
  • A client of mine was upset at what I wrote, making me question if I’m doing the right thing and if I’ll still have a job in the next month or two. I probably will, but it makes me go AAARRRGGGHHH.

So now I have to fix my mistake (because I’m anal about mistakes) and I have to email the Oasis Pet Resort and tell them how I really feel.


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