In Chicago

5 Feb

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i survived the flight, which is a major blessing. My family will be happy to know that I’m alive – yay! Anyway, I got to the hotel (as evidenced by the photos in my flickr acct) and then it hit.


I get seriously homesick when I’m away from home at night. How could I have possibly forgotten that?! I called Scott and almost bawled, I was ready to go to the airport, trade in my ticket for an earlier flight, and sleep in the airport if it was necessary.

Scott talked me down from that ledge and I took a very long, very hot shower. I took some Aleve cold and sinus and crawled into bed…

and into heaven.

WOW, the bed and sheets are so comfy at my hotel! I need some of those linens!!

I did wake up a bit early this morning (ahem – 3:30 am) but so far I’m okay. I think I’m running on nerves, but who knows!

I’ve had tons of tests done today, from a full body MRI (dude, NEVER ask to look at the results of this test) and DEXA scan to a glucose tolerance test and resting caloric intake.

Yes, they tried to measure me to see how many calories I burn doing nothing.

(hint: not many)

The coordinator is supposed to be coming back shortly to bring me around the hospital, which is larger than the entire town I live in. She’s going to show me where the Disney Store is so that tomorrow I can take the credit card that Scott foisted on me and go shopping with it.

The homesickness is slowly starting to seep in right now, and I’m trying to fight it back a bit. I’ve got some work to do, which should keep me busy, and the knowledge that after tonight I’ve only got one more night away from the family.

Then I’ll be able to kiss the kids and be enfolded in my husband’s arms once again.

God how I miss them.

And one more thing You’ll be happy to know that Scott still has his job. He was called into the office today and was told that leaving like that wasn’t okay, but neither was the way he was treated. Basically they were both slapped on the wrist and told not to do what they both did.

He was also informed that he’s too valuable on the machine he’s on to loose, which is always a nice thing to hear.


2 Responses to “In Chicago”

  1. Jenera February 6, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    I am glad you made it over there in one piece šŸ™‚

    Last year we let our son spend a week with his Grama in Oregon and for about half that time my hubby was out on the road. That first night by myself all alone was terrible! I think I spent most of the time in the bathtub trying not to cry!

  2. wellreadkitty February 17, 2009 at 7:49 am #

    Glad you made it okay and the tests weren’t too horrendous.

    And wonderful news that Scott still has his job, not so good that his awful manager is still there but hopefully he’s had a right bollocking about it and will leave Scott alone now.

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