10 Apr

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why I’m so utterly exhausted after lunch? It never fails – I sit down to eat lunch with Babygirl and then an hour or so later, I’m ready to take a nap. I do eat food in the morning – I have a half a cup of coffee and around 10 or so I’ll usually have a granola bar or something like that. Then Babygirl comes home and somewhere between 12 and 12:30 we’ll eat lunch. My usual lunch consists of a sandwich of some sort, a handful of chips, and a half a Mtn Dew…shut up, its my one vice.

Okay, maybe not my one vice, but it is the only time I drink a soda. I drink the Mtn Dew from lunch time until usually around 3 or so, sipping it a bit at a time. Now you’d think that the caffeine would wake me up, right?


After lunch I play with Babygirl for a bit, maybe do dishes, ect. Then we sit down and I am ready to go to sleep! The sluggish feeling lasts until around 4 or so. Bleh.

I know that my body reacts differently than most…it takes more insulin to break the sugar down. That’s fine, but is that what’s making me tired? Does anyone else have this happen to them?


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